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  • My config

    Here is the config I use. If you want to use some/all of it make a file in your ns folder called userconfig.cfg and paste all this stuff in there. Note some of the rate commands might need to be changed based off your connection. Some of the scripts you may or may not be good for you. The huge script at the bottom is a lastinv script for weapon switching, replace mouse4 for the key you want to quickswitch to slot3 and q for what you want your lastinv key too be.

    Under the alias Marine and alias Alien settings, those should all be one line, its also where you can bind commands to differnt keys for aliens/marines.

    The most important part of this is the custom commands, most of these will grant you more fps with little quality loss(it still looks like ns)

    This config wont grant you vasts amout of skill but if you get used to it, it may help you in the long run. Please reply if you have any questions/problems about any of the commands.

    // ** CUSTOM COMMANDS **
    voice_loopback 0
    lightgamma "0";alias "lightgamma" ""
    bind p stopsound
    hud_fastswitch "1"
    cl_bob 0
    cl_bobup 0
    cl_bobcycle 0.8
    ex_interp .05
    rate 20000
    cl_resend 3
    cl_cmdbackup 5
    cl_cmdrate 100
    cl_updaterate 50
    ex_extrapmax 4
    fps_max "100"
    fps_modem "100"
    cl_allowdownload "1"
    cl_allowupload "0"
    cl_autohelp "0"
    cl_buildmessages "1"
    cl_centerentityid "0"
    cl_dlmax "128"
    cl_download_ingame "0"
    cl_dynamiclights "0"
    cl_forcedefaultfov "0"
    cl_highdetail "0"
    cl_himodels "0"
    r_detailtextures "0"
    r_decals "200.000000"
    cl_showfps "1"

    // tracer
    traceroffset "-72"
    tracerlength "0.50"
    tracerred "28"
    tracerblue ".8"
    tracergreen ".3"
    traceralpha "0.30"
    tracerspeed "4500"

    // ** TEAM COMMANDS **
    alias loadsettings " "
    bind F1 "jointeamone; alias loadsettings marine_settings; loadsettings"
    bind F2 "jointeamtwo; alias loadsettings alien_settings; loadsettings"
    bind 9 "alias loadsettings lerk_settings; loadsettings"
    alias +sense3 "sensitivity 7"
    alias -sense3 "loadsettings"
    alias marine_settings "sensitivity 6;bind space +jump;bind mouse2 +pscript;bind mouse1 +attack"
    alias alien_settings "sensitivity 7;bind space +shiz;bind mouse2 +jump;bind mouse1 +attack;bind mwheeldown +jump"
    alias lerk_settings "sensitivity 7;bind space +jump"


    // duck and jump: Note I have have this bound to anything
    alias +djump "+jump; wait;+duck"
    alias -djump "-duck;-jump"

    // triple jump
    alias b "+jump;wait;-jump;wait"
    alias +shiz "+moveup;b;b;b;+jump"
    alias -shiz "-moveup;-jump"

    // pistol script (fire. slowly.)
    alias +pscript "+attack;"
    alias -pscript "-attack; wait; +attack; wait; -attack;"

    // ** MISC BINDS **
    bind F5 "snapshot"
    alias +med "impulse 10; say_team [ MEDPACK ]"
    alias +ammo "impulse 11; say_team [ NEED AMMO ]"
    bind z +med
    bind x +ammo

    bind mouse3 "+popupmenu"

    bind g "impulse 3" // drop weapon

    bind y "messagemode say"
    bind u "messagemode say_team"

    // client side lastinv -- romano
    // replace 1,2,3,4 with your binds for slot1,2,3,4 respectively
    // repace q with your bind for lastinv
    // replace x with your bind for auto-slot3

    alias w "wait"
    alias +s32 "slot3;wait;+attack;"
    alias -s32 "-attack;w;w;slot2;w;w;slot1;w;w;lastinv;"
    alias +s31 "slot3;wait;+attack;"
    alias -s31 "-attack;w;w;slot1;w;w;slot2;w;w;lastinv;
    alias +s34 "slot3;wait;+attack;"
    alias -s34 "-attack;w;w;slot4;w;w;slot2;w;w;lastinv;

    bind 1 "kk1a"
    bind 2 "kk2a"
    bind 3 "kk3a"
    bind 4 "kk4a"

    alias kk1a "kkslot1"
    alias kk1b "bind mouse4 +s31; kkslot1; bind q kk2a"
    alias kk1c "bind mouse4 +s31; kkslot1; bind q kk3a"
    alias kk1d "bind mouse4 +s31; kkslot1; bind q kk4a"
    alias kkslot1 "slot1; bind 1 kk1a; bind 2 kk2a; bind 3 kk3a; bind 4 kk4a; bind mouse4 +s31;"

    alias kk2a "bind mouse4 +s32; kkslot2; bind q kk1b"
    alias kk2b "kkslot2"
    alias kk2c "bind mouse4 +s32; kkslot2; bind q kk3b"
    alias kk2d "bind mouse4 +s32; kkslot2; bind q kk4b"
    alias kkslot2 "slot2; bind 1 kk1b; bind 2 kk2b; bind 3 kk3b; bind 4 kk4b; bind mouse4 +s32;"

    alias kk3a "kkslot3; bind q kk1c"
    alias kk3b "kkslot3; bind q kk2c"
    alias kk3c "kkslot3"
    alias kk3d "kkslot3; bind q kk4c"
    alias kkslot3 "slot3; bind 1 kk1c; bind 2 kk2c; bind 3 kk3c; bind 4 kk4c"

    alias kk4a "bind mouse4 +s34; kkslot4; bind q kk1d"
    alias kk4b "bind mouse4 +s34; kkslot4; bind q kk2d"
    alias kk4c "bind mouse4 +s34; kkslot4; bind q kk3d"
    alias kk4d "kkslot4"
    alias kkslot4 "slot4; bind 1 kk1d; bind 2 kk2d; bind 3 kk3d; bind 4 kk4d; bind mouse4 +s34;"

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    Re: My config

    What's tracer?


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      Re: My config

      The tracer will show the direction marines are shooting with small colored line every few bullets, the tracers I use are pink.


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        Re: My config

        What is the point to having a key bound to stopsound? Why would you need to use it?


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          Re: My config

          it stops many of the ambiant noises. (note these can also be stopped by other more dubious methods)


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            Re: My config

            I have a key bound to stopsound because it fixes some of those looping or phatom sound bugs, if you use stopsound to clear out ambient noise it will just replay itself in about 1/2 a second.


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              Re: My config

              hehe, in NS thats quite true, it stops it until it plays the next ambient noise. In cs though, it could really be used effective for some of the long (3 minute) game noises.


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                Re: My config

                My Config, MUAHAHAHAHA
                //Wait Alias's//
                alias wait2 "wait;wait"
                alias wait3 "wait;wait;wait"
                alias wait4 "wait;wait;wait;wait"
                alias wait5 "wait4;wait"
                alias wait6 "wait4;wait2"
                alias wait7 "wait4;wait3"
                alias wait8 "wait4;wait4"
                alias wait9 "wait4;wait5"
                alias wait10 "wait5;wait5"
                //Bunny Hopping// spam three jumps (eg triple jump)
                alias "+bh" "+jump; wait; -jump; wait; +jump; wait; -jump; wait; +jump"
                alias "-bh" "-jump"
                //Crouch Bunny Hopping// crouch then triple jump then uncrouch
                alias "+skulk_bh" "+duck;+jump; wait; -jump; wait; +jump; wait; -jump; wait; +jump;-duck"
                alias "-skulk_bh" "-jump"
                //Bunny Hop Toggler//
                alias "bh_t" "bhb"
                alias bha "bind mwheelup +bh;bind mwheeldown +bh;alias bh_t bhb;ECHO MW=3jump"
                alias bhb "bind mwheelup +skulk_bh;bind mwheeldown +skulk_bh;alias bh_t bhc;ECHO MW=+duck_3jump"
                alias bhc "bhc_binds;alias bh_t bha;ECHO MW=+attack"
                alias "bhc_binds" "exec jumpattack.cfg"
                //bind mwheelup jumpattack;bind mwheeldown jumpattack
                //Duck Toggle//
                alias duck_t "duck_on" 
                alias duck_on "bind CTRL +unduck;alias duck_t duck_off; +duck; echo Ducking enabled"
                alias duck_off "bind CTRL +duck;alias duck_t duck_on; -duck; echo Standing enabled"
                alias +unduck "-duck;+duck"
                alias -unduck "-duck;bind CTRL +duck;alias duck_t duck_on;"
                //Turn toggle//
                bind l "ad_toggle"
                alias ad_toggle "ad_turn"
                alias ad_move "alias ad_toggle ad_look;bind a +moveleft;bind d +moveright"
                alias ad_turn "alias ad_toggle ad_move;bind a +left;bind d +right"
                //wigglewalk script//
                alias move "+moveleft; wait; -moveleft; +moveright; wait; -moveright"
                alias speedup "move; move; move"
                alias speedup5 "move; move; move; move; move"
                alias speedup9 "move; move; move; move;move; move; move; move; move"
                alias slider "speedup; speedup; speedup; speedup"
                //Keys bound to scripts//
                bind "z" "+showres"
                bind "x" "duck_t"
                bind "v" "speedup9"
                bind "h" "speedup9;speedup9;+jump;wait;-jump"
                bind "b" "bh_t"
                bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+bh"
                bind "MWHEELUP" "+bh"
                //bind a
                //bind d (a and d are rebound if using turn toggle)
                //bind ctrl (ctrl is rebound with duck toggle)
                //Keys that can be bound to scripts//
                bind "F1" "jointeamone"
                bind "F2" "jointeamtwo"
                bind "F3" "spectate"
                bind "F4" "readyroom"
                cl_resend "2"
                ex_interp "0.04"
                cl_nosmooth "1"
                cl_timeout "9999"
                cl_updaterate 100
                cl_cmdrate 100
                cl_showspeed 1
                developer 1
                //Knife cvars
                cl_musicenabled 0
                cl_autohelp 0
                //gamma 3
                //brightness 5
                texgamma 0
                lightgamma 0
                fps_max 200
                net_graph 3
                hud_fastswitch 1
                alias texgamma
                alias lightgamma
                mp_tournamentmode 1
                mp_friendlyfire 1
                sv_cheats 1
                mp_drawdamage 1


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                  Re: My config

                  Originally posted by micr0c0sm
                  What's tracer?
                  Its very usefull, I suggest everyone uses it, or at least gives it a try.
                  Steam Community: | |


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                    Re: My config

                    huh scripts wow lol this is all i use

                    //Example: I want to press Z to request a medpack, I write this:
                    //bind "z" "medpack"
                    //But without the two slashes seen in front of every row here
                    //Now Z is bound to request a medpack
                    //Also, I would suggest adding all of your keyboard binds here (bind space +jump/mouse1 +attack etc)

                    bind "." "medpack"
                    bind "," "ammo"
                    bind "z" "impulse 80"
                    bind "x" "impulse 81"

                    //It is recommended that you use mousewheel to bunnyhop as it makes timing jumps much easier
                    bind mwheelup +jump
                    bind mwheeldown +jump
                    bind space +jump
                    bind mouse2 +jump

                    //Rate Settings
                    //These settings are for the best performance on a DSL connection, only modify if you have choke, loss or an
                    //unusually high ping (a gain of more than 50) ingame
                    //It is HIGHLY recommended to leave these as high as they can be as your hit registry will greatly improve due to
                    //more information being sent too and from the server

                    rate 20000
                    cl_updaterate 50
                    cl_cmdrate 101

                    no scripts at all. in euro scripting is a cheat
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                      Re: My config

                      dont take my pro euro rates :O
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