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Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

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  • Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

    OK, so two nights in, and it's becoming apparent that the concept of a 'build' (i.e. what 'skills'/weapons/attributes your character has) has been elevated to the team level - which characters work together best in different situations.

    Last night [MENTION=12644]Finestyle[/MENTION] and I had some interesting combos with Reinhardt. There were three that stoodout:

    Reinhardt + Bastion - We setup along a wall with sitelines to the defend point, with Bastion in turret mode and Reinhardt statically shielding. This proved VERY effective - the shield protected the turret from long-range take-out, and we didn't get taken down until the attacking team refactored into a bunch of flankers (Tracer types) and came around the opposite side en-masse.

    Reinhardt + Pharah - Generally having the Shield + local DPS friend is a great setup. Surprisingly, Pharah, who typically engages at distance, did really well hugging the shield as we escorted the the payload. When the shield went down, Pharah could jet up out of harms way while it recharged.

    Reinhardt + Lucio - Lucio's area-of-effect speed-boost is great for getting the big guy to the point quickly, and then once there, the area-of-effect heal (albeit low rate of heal) helps keep the team on the objective.

    I'm REALLY looking forward to exploring more combos with different characters. One combo I saw used to great effect last night was Winston plus his own personal Mercy.
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    Re: Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

    Mei plus Symmetra seemed to work great last night for at least the one round me and whiskey were those characters. There was basically a hall like entrance we were guarding. Each of us stood on one side of the entrance with Symmetra turrets covering the breach point. As soon as an enemy came they were hit with that combo of being frozen, the turrets and symmetra's main weapon. From what I understand symmetra's weapon gets stronger the longer you hold it so teaming with mei gives that weapon more time to power up given mei's freeze ability. Mei's ice wall also gives Symmetra some time to replace a turret if they start going down.


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      Re: Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

      Originally posted by FBmantis View Post
      Mei plus Symmetra
      Yep - that was a nice unexpected synergy. The laser pods slow people down a little bit, but nothing like what Mei can do.

      Another nice thing where they could collaborate: ice-walls could give Sym the few seconds of cover she needs to put pods around an otherwise too-dangerous door/archway..


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        Re: Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

        Another pair, depending on the map is Junkrats trap and symmetras beam turrets. Good for around corners, room entries and funnel points in maps where players tend to be looking for targets and stumble into the trap often enough. Seen that used to good effect... The trap in general can also be paired with deployed bastions and torborn turrets, catching a player peaking a forward corner and not allowing them to get back to cover in time.


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          Re: Overwatch: Team Builds (hero combos)

          Zarya and Roadhog is a hard gobstopper of a team, Zarya puts her shield on Hog when he engages, and quickly gets her charge up. When Hog either hooks someone, or people get closer to kill him, Zarya pops her personal shield and engages. You have a power duo that i've seen wipe points clean rather quickly, especially on cramped corridors or indoors. Their ults also synergies since the main drop in DPS from his ult comes from Knockback, and zarya's ult holds people in place while he hammers away with them. Add in to the face that Zarya can then just mortar the stuck team also causes a nice amount of mayem.

          Hog and either Reinhardt or a deployed Bastion is good when the Non Hog is hidden. Hog lassos people in and holds them down while either Reinhardt or Bastion finishes them off.

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