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    ... playin Mercy a bit lately. What I've noticed is that she does best when there's a Zarya, Reinhardt, Winston type player that servers as an anchor for her; she flitters all over to heal perimeter players, but it's helpful for there to be a "center of the formation" for a few reasons:

    A) This tends to be near the payload - which is naturally where the ground crew should be.

    B) everyone can generally know where to go to get LOS to mercy and get some lovin.

    C) when mercy does LSHIFT off to help a perimeter player, she can often get ambushed/stuck out there (e.g. when the teammate you were going to heal looses their 1:1 and you're face to face with their victor). Generally, her only hope of survival is if she can spin, get LOS on a teammate, and LSHIFT tf outa there. The end of that lifeline back to the center is often the anchor player.


    - If you are a mercy, keep your anchor in mind (and between you and the bad guys).
    - If you're an anchor, keep your mercy in mind
    - If you're considering which healer your team needs, first check to see if you've got an anchor type player on your team; if not, go Lucio or Zenyatta.
    - Everyone should generally try to keep some SA about the shape of your team's formation. There's no map, but just try to keep a general idea of where the center is = where to go for health.



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