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  • WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

    Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest American Football coach of all time, and his whole thing is 'Situation Football' - which means consider, prepare for, and practice situations instead of plays. In practice, they don't just scrimmage offense vs defense, it's 'ok, we're on our 30yd line, 43 seconds left, and it's 2nd and 10'. Then when that situation comes up in the game, they know exactly what (and what not) to do.

    Anyway - this analogy came to mind because last night we got rolled a bunch of rounds in a row - and Mantis pointed out that we didn't have a great team composition for the current situation (not enough heroes that can fight from the objective in particular). So - I thought I'd start a thread to try and think that through a little further through the lens of 'Situational Overwatch'

    What are the most common Situations in overwatch, and what are the options for team-comp that are well suited for those?

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    Re: WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

    1) standard cap points that are done as soon as you cap it.
    Attacking a cap point
    Defending a cap point

    2) Cap points that you have to hold. Attacking is pretty much the same as before I think, but the holding is different consideration since you need to be on the point.

    Holding a cap and hold point (the percentage ones)

    3) Choke points for payloads.
    Pushing a choke point
    Holding a choke point

    4) Payloads in the open
    Pushing a payload in the open
    Holding open ground


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      Re: WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

      To restate my point from last night. We were getting destroyed during a string of several Control point rounds - Ilios and Nepal I believe. There seemed to be some natural frustration about the results and the lack of coordination. My 2 cents was we had a team hero mix that naturally doesn't coordinate well and certainly could not push on and hold a point. I don't remember exactly but I believe we were rolling a team along the lines of:

      Soldier 76
      Mercy / Reinhardt

      The combinations changed slightly but whatever the characters were I know I pointed out that we basically had two characters(top two) that could actually contest the point all the time and the rest were the type of characters that tend to work more solo and at range. Any character in the right hands can certainly be an asset but if you don't have enough dudes that can hang around in the tough areas near an objective then you'll fail.

      The other team was rolling a team like:

      Soldier 76

      To me thats four that can hang around/on the point versus our two. Our two then get overwhelmed and frustrated. The other teams players probably were just better as well but certainly we didn't have the cohesion to even attempt to overcome that.


      I think if I'm Bill Belichick I look at the Control point maps in this way.

      The objective is one central point. It will be hot. I need characters that can survive there and be lethal enough to clear it.

      - Unless your awesome with them - probably not good for this mode: Reaper, Symmetra, Zenyatta, McCree, Bastion, Torbjorn
      - Pick four characters from this list as your main "be on the point" group: Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog, Winston, D.Va, Lucio, Mercy, Soldier 76, Mei
      - At most two characters from this list: Genji, Pharah, Tracer, Junkrat, Widowmaker/Hanzo

      Other considerations:

      - Don't run a team that has zero ability to take on a ranged sniper or air target(Pharah). D.Va certainly has some ability to come into play here.
      - Characters with ultimates that can wipe the whole control point clean are probably worth prioritizing.
      - Always expect the late game 99% ultimate uses - spread out a bit more and have counter ultimates ready to ruin their charge.

      I think my grade A lineup for control point maps would be:

      For sure:
      - Reinhardt - shield - meat on the bun - acts as anchor for retakes
      - Lucio - mobile healer with ability to survive on a contested point - helps speed up counter pushes - these control point maps also tend to be ripe for opportunities to push people off ledges

      One of:
      - Zarya - Can soak up bullets and dish it out - can shield friendlies to help their survivability
      - Roadhog - lethal and can self heal
      - Winston - not great at killing but can certainly cause havoc if the enemy team has multiple targets to worry about - shield and ultimate are useful - I'd pick the other two before him

      One of:
      - D.Va or Widowmaker/Hanzo - Neutralizes enemy sniper game - also annoys pharah

      Two of:
      - Tracer - Can attack those behind the point - can pull enemies away from the point as they try to chase her - can also quick strike a point in and out to keep it in overtime
      - Soldier 76 - quite a bit of damage plus self heal - good against enemy pharah - good ultimate
      - Junkrat or Pharah - lots of damage output from off point - good ultimate for point clearing
      - Second healer - probably only a good idea if the main tanks are quite good and can carry the extra load of giving out damage


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        Re: WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

        Good stuff. Yeah, I think it helped me to see that there are four game types, with three maps each:

        Assault maps (Attack/Defend A, then B)
        Temple of Anubis
        Volskaya Industries

        Escort maps
        Route 66
        Watchpoint: Gibraltar

        Hybrid maps (Assault, then Escort)
        King's Row

        Control maps (Fight over single CP, best of three rounds)
        Lijiang Tower

        From a situational perspective, I think my take-aways are these:

        Assault maps are either pure assault or pure defend, so you can pick a little more tailored kit. e.g. On assault, you can have a little more of a burst-damage type hero; here, unlike control maps, once you cap, the pressure's off - there's no counter attack to survive. Likewise, on defense, you can go a little more entrenched (Bastion, Torb, Symettra) since you have time to dig in at the start of the round.

        Escort and Hybrid are basically the same. No real mystery there as far as hero selection.

        Control maps are just a dog-fight on the CP - you need a team that can survive ON THE CP. I agree 100% w/ your outline for success above, Mantis.


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          Re: WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

          Posted this in the guides thread, but its really relevant here.


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            Re: WWBBD: Situational Overwatch

            Originally posted by TheRulesLawyer View Post
            Posted this in the guides thread, but its really relevant here.
            This is fantastic, nice find.

            The TL;DR:




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