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  • Crosshairs and you

    For those that haven't experimented yet if you check in settings/controls you can change the crosshairs you use in game. The setting isn't per character, so if you change them you'll give up the unique crosshairs some classes seem to have.

    There are 3 settings to worry about

    Color- Pretty self explanitory, but you can choose a color that stands out from the background easier. I'm using neon-green. Nice contrast.

    Bloom- Most weapons expand the cross hairs to show the likely impact point instead of the center. Useful for shotguns, but its hard to be precise when you don't have them shrink to zero even at rest. It was particularly noticeable with D.VA as Pretty much all types left a huge gap in the middle no matter what. Turn it off and they shrink to be tiny and accurate.

    Type- Just the shape of the cross hair. I like the short cross. The dot is probably the most precise, but its easy to lose track of it at times.

    Play around with it, but it made a significant difference in being able to land long range shots for me.

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    Re: Crosshairs and you

    Good tip. I've been maining lucio lately and have switched to just the dot - no outer ring. Really helps me focus on aiming head height.

    One thing the outer circle is good for though is estimating distance, which is needed for some other heroes. Roadhog's right click, med-range blast for example works best if the target fits completely in the circle. If they're taller than the circle, they're too close.




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