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    For any of you that have semi-mained some heroes, I'd love to hear any insights on philosophy of the character. After 235 games w/ Lucio here's what I've learned:

    1) The need for Speed
    The default position of cross-fade is on speed for good reason. Having a speed advantage in this game is huge! Close-range damage-dealers (Reaper, DVa, Reinhardt, Symmetra, McCree, etc) can be absolute monsters when they can close the gap on back-peddling enemies; and medium-distance players like Zarya, RoadHog, Junkrat, etc are made much more difficult to hit when they're strafing-around on crack.

    2) Save your [E] 'Pump It Up!' for heals
    Lucio's base 'trickle-charge' only gives 12HP per second; that's 'not nuthin', but compare it to Mercy's 50HP/sec. Once every 12 seconds though, you can hit 'E', and it jumps up to 40HP/sec! (for 3 sec).

    Combine those two and you get a playstyle that looks something like this:

    - Job #1 is to keep your friendlies alive. Keep your head on a swivel and maintain great awareness of the blue healthbars around you. As you start to get a feel for a fight, you'll sense when it's starting to turn. That's when you either A) Flip to Heal and hit 'E' - this should top off or save most fights - or B) if you're sensing an impending wipe or enemy-ult, hit your 'Q' ('Sound Barrier'), which spreads 500HP shields to everyone in range.

    - Job #2, while everyone's in good health (you'll be surprised how often this is the case), set crossfade to speed and actively disrupt. Skate around on boost, go for headshots, punt people with your RMB (disorients even if not an enviro-kill), and generally try to cause as much chaos as you can, winston-style. Once you get a little more comfortable with your 'parkour', start pushing and probing and doing drive-bys ... get enemies to turn their heads away from your team for moments. Note: Lucio obviously can't sustain a lot of damage so this disruption is all done by moving cover to cover while bouncing around like a madman! Of course, you will get your face caved in by an unexpected reaper sometimes, and definitely stay out of hook-range ... but more often than not, you'll survive and you'll give your team an edge. (note: 'Pump it Up' while on speed is your eject handle. When you find yourself losing health and surrounded, hit E and GTFO!)

    All in all, theres a real rhythm to Lucio where you're pushing, then retreating to burst heal, then pushing, then retreating to burst heal, etc. Even his gun has a rhythm to it - keep that LMB down and get a feel for when you need to aim and when you can take quick glances left and right between bursts!



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