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double bubble trouble

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  • double bubble trouble

    I just wanted to pass along a strat I discovered last night when pushing the payload on Kings Road (using two Zaryas). The basic concept is that with a predictable system, one can really multiply the effectiveness of Zarya's shields, both in terms of gaining charge, protecting each other, and putting the enemy on their heels.

    This system is simple: the "back Zarya" waits for the "front Zarya" to pop her own shield, and then applies a projected shield immediately right after the first bubble pops. That's it. That's the system. Instead of a 2 second bubble, it's a 4 second bubble! (Note: the E bubble is on an 8sec CD, while the LSHIFT bubble is a 10sec CD, so the projected bubble is always ready to go when needed).

    Why is this powerful?

    Consider: what do you do when confronted w/ an enemy Zarya that pops her shield? You stop shooting, dodge around for a sec, then start unloading as soon as the shield goes down. This is practically muscle memory by now. So now consider what happens when that shield sticks around for ~4 seconds instead of 2!! Here's what we found (granted, it was only one round):

    1. The "rear" Zarya would almost ALWAYS get a full 50 charge off this technique. People are totally caught off guard by the second bubble appearing just as the first goes down and just can't. stop. shooting.

    2. The "front" Zarya retains more health - she can be aggressive, deal damage, and still be shielded while returning to cover.

    3. It really puts the enemy on their heels. It's really difficult to blunt the attack of a charged up Zarya, and when she's got a full 4 seconds when she (and everyone directly behind her) can shoot and you can't... it's just nasty. (4 seconds is almost as long as Ana's sleep dart - it's a huge advantage in DPS)

    One final thing to add: We didn't do this, but I really want to try: If front/back zarya are swapping roles, you should be able to stagger the self bubbles (10 sec CD). Theoretically, every 5 seconds, a team could have a Zarya popping a 4 second shield.

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    Re: double bubble trouble

    Double Zarya is too much fun. It's silly how effective and goddamn fun it is.

    Especially good on King Of The Hill maps where Reinheardt can be easily flanked. The Zarya's can stay alive basically forever.




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