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Team strats for us / "us all on the same page" kind of post

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  • Team strats for us / "us all on the same page" kind of post

    Team Makeup

    2 tanks
    2 healers
    2 damage

    ... is a super-stable configuration. This is the "default" setup - obviously adapt to whatever's brought out, but as a common starting point, this is a 10/10 default setup.
    I find teams without this setup lose far more frequently than those with this setup.

    Currently Required/Overpowered Heroes
    • Reinheardt
    • Lucio
    • Zenyatta

    Everything else is kind of a "adapt to situation", but those 3 are so damn useful, and so damn hard to counter. I love Zarya, but even she is a notch below those 3. I fully expect balance patches against all 3 because they're just too damn useful, and too damn hard to counter.
    Why are they overpowered? Because their abilities are easily-exploited by the whole team. Every other hero helps the team one-teammate at a time, these 3 help the entire team, without any special focus or effort, all the time.

    Hard Counters to be aware of
    • D.VA is hard countered by Zarya. D.VA cannot use her defense matrix (right-click) to block Zarya's primary fire (left-click).
    • Pharah is hard countered by Soldier, McCree - anything hitscan (Anna's zoomed in shots, Windowmaker, etc.)
    • Reaper/Junkrat are hard countered by Pharrah. Neither of them are any good against her, and she can easily 1v1 them if she keeps her distance.

    These are the 3 most ridiculous counters in the game in my opinion. It's something to look for and exploit. After the first death, switch accordingly.

    Countering annoying things
    • Genji / Tracer - use Reinheardt's hammer, and make sure Zarya bubbles him. Rein's ult is also good. I find Winston kind of useless in general, and I wouldn't bother.
    • Mei / Roadhog - use anything long range: Soldier, Pharrah, McCree, heck, even Anna. They're only dangerous if you mess up and get close to them.
    • Reaper / Junkrat - use Pharrah. "Anything long range" won't work as they can close the distance on ground quick, but not in the air.
    • Reinheardt - nothing good exists, except a combo of both Junkrat and Roadhog ... behind a friendly Rein's shield.

    ... learning is fun :)

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    Re: Team strats for us / "us all on the same page" kind of post

    Reinheardt is hard-countered by Bastion and soft-countered by Symetra & Mei. Symetra's attacks go through the shield as does Mei's freeze.
    However Symetra is too weak otherwise for competitive play just like Pharah is no-go now as well since she has too many hard-counters.




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