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  • Improving at the game

    Just stumbled across some of these places recently. I thought I would share to help others get better as well:

    I also think we could use this forum to help each other improve (I know I need it). Sometimes it is difficult to see our own mistakes but others can easily notice them

    Feel free to share other resources as well
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    Looks like some good links there. There are so many possible ways to suggest improvement.

    I'd say within our TG group here the main thing I notice that separates the lower end(around 2000) from the higher end(close to 3000 - lets ignore Baron:p ) of the group is their positioning/situational awareness. The lower end tends to position themselves poorly at times and it leads to them getting killed prematurely(before ults are used) which obviously turns a team fight in the enemies favor.

    On a personal level with this game - I'd say other than just getting very comfortable with the game from a lot of playtime my main improvement came from lowering my sensitivity and getting a new mousepad. My aim isn't Baron level but it has improved a good amount since I got the game. Situational awareness has always been a strong side of mine as I'm sure some BF vets would attest to. Areas I probably need to work on are general communication and ult management. I need to be more vocal about when I have ultimate and how the team will use/combo it.


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      +1 on lowering sensitivity. At the beginning of Season 2 I got into zarya, but was having trouble tracking w/ the beam. I lowered my sensitivity a LOT and hit up the practice range for a bit... Takes a minute to get the new muscle memory down, but once you do, it makes a HUGE difference. You sacrifice the 'head on a fast swivel' and it takes some desk space, but low sensitivity is where it's at. (There's a good reason the pros use.)

      FWIW, I'm using 1600dpi and 2.5 in-game. (That adds up to about 8" of mouse pad to do a full 180.)




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