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  • Technical things that helped me improve

    For the curious I thought I would make a thread to highlight some of the upgrades/tweaks I've done that could help improve your aim on your end.

    1. Lower your sensitivity. I have settled in at 1000dpi and 4 in game. You don't need to be that low but if you are like 1600dpi and 16 in game - ya you should lower. Don't drop drastically right away though - drop it a little bit and then once your used to that new sensitivity drop it again. Rinse, repeat and don't expect immediate payoffs. Being a high sensitivity wrist only aimer and trying to change to an arm aimer can take a while. This site is useful.

    2. Own a decent mouse. If you have a mouse within the last 5 years and it cost more than $30 - your probably fine. Adjustable DPI = good.

    3. Get a decent mousepad. Don't just use your desk surface or some cheapo one with random artwork on it. Steelseries is well regarded.

    4. Mouse bungees are pretty cool. Look em up.

    5. Get a mechanical keyboard. There will be an adjustment period but it will feel better for gaming.

    6. High refresh rate monitor with a GPU that can push that rate. Overwatch can still look quite good on mostly Low settings so the GPU doesn't have to be crazy good. That high refresh rate is killer though for such a fast paced game.

    7. Make sure mouse acceleration is turned off in windows 10. "Enhance Pointer Precision" is the setting. Overwatch uses Raw Mouse input so the setting doesn't affect the game but it will affect you if you are used to mouse acceleration on desktop but in overwatch its not there. I just recently realized I had this setting on and I believe I can already tell I'm hitting my shots more now because there is a consistency now to how my mouse moves across the applications that wasn't there before.

    8. Overwatch allows custom crosshairs now - fiddle with it to get something you like. An easier to see color or better shape to allow you to headshot easier can certainly help a bit.

    9. This one may seem odd but it really works for me. Have a small fan constantly blowing on your mouse and pad while you play. It will greatly reduce that stickyness you'll get holding your mouse either from humidity or the natural oiliness of your hands. The mouse also will likely feel like it glides a bit better - like an air hockey table feel.

    If I think of some more I'll add.

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    Just saw this - good stuff!

    A 144Hz monitor is such an amazing upgrade - with zero hyperbole I can say that it's truly game changing. Having things be clear as you move? It's a new experience all together. It's the first real WOW I've had in PC gaming since way back when I first installed my Monster 3D 2 and saw true 3D graphics for the first time :)




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