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Bloodborne PVP Invasion!

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  • Bloodborne PVP Invasion!

    Bloodborne facillitates both coop and adversarial PVP play to some degree. Whilst I haven't full explored either of these options, in fact the adversarial PVP 'happened to me' as oppposed to being something I actively sought out, I have had a chance to sample both and they certainly add another interesting spin on what is already a fascinating game.

    PVP occurs in Bloodborne in one of a few ways. Whilst playing the game in the usual way you can summon assistance from other players, a feature that can be quite useful if you hit a roadblock in the game or are struggling with a particular boss fight. All that is required is that you have a certain item that becomes available to you fairly early on in the game and that when the call goes out, a willing player answers. However, there is a 'but', and a big one. In summoning another player to your game you run the risk of inviting someone who is more interested in hindering your progress, generally by killing you, than helping.

    In addition there are some geographic areas in the game where you can be 'invaded' at will by anyone with the appropriate item. Apologies for the vagueness of the decriptions, simply an effort to avoid spoilers and not detract from the mystery of the game.

    My first experience of PVP in Bloodborne is captured in the video below. I was exploring a new area that I hadn't visited before when I noticed a couple of messages pop up on the screen. Now Bloodborne is a game that demands your full attention at all times, even in areas you are familiar with, and this is doubly so when you are exploring untrodden ground. As such my focus was on the environment and what potential dangers lay ahead. Anything less usually results in a swift and gruesome death and the resulting loss of progress. This isn't a game where you simply charge forward, unless you really, really like loading screens. Nevertheless I did glance down at the bottom of the screen and note that apparently a PVP adversary had entered. Initially I was a little confused, unaware as I was at the time that you could be 'invaded' at will in certain areas. However this became somewhat of a side issue, a question for later, as the individual sauntered forward confidently and gestured to me...

    I am not proud of my dogged pursuit and execution of my foe, that I will admit. Apparently there is an etiquette to PVP in From Software games. Unfortunately for this interloper I remain as yet unfamiliar with it so he got a very large axe in the head and I stole all his Blood Echos (currency) for upgrades. Cheers old chap!
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