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Ya, i did it... FM6 console...

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  • Ya, i did it... FM6 console...

    Have a extra payday this month, so that leaves me with spending money... so I went ahead and did it, bought me one of those special edition Forza Motorsports 6 Xbox One consoles w/ 1 TB of harddrive space... ya, 400 bucks but I sold my older one to a co-worker for 250... just like the look, sounds, smell of this sexy Ford GT blue one. ALSO comes with the full game of course.

    This is for my 2nd one, gaming room, with PC and all... I still have the original 500gb black one with the kinetc in the living room... play SP games on that, this one has a wired connection, so I use it for all the MP sessions.

    Still need to eventually get a PS4... since most of TG seems to like the inferior console. ;) joke
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