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    I was debating on which platform to get this game, and ended up choosing xbox for now because I wanted the Appolyon statue that happens to be SURPRISE! only from gamestop and only for console. But I am really liking this game, the mechanics are well thought out and something that finally takes a little time to master. Who else is doing this thing on console?

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    I love the duels and small combat action, thou these damn kids kick my ass too much, not really a fan of the big domination with all those minions, I understand the purpose but then gets too crowed and busy for my taste. It is a very good, mechanical game. Love the 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 or 4 on 4 battles.

    It does seem to be the direction Ubisoft is taking their games, it's layout is very much like Rainbow Six Siege, which I also love but get my ass handed to me by those damn kids, lol. Both games seemed to be made to encourage friends of 4 or 5 to join forces against other players group, but both games also have a very big lean to micro-transactions, which I am NOT a fan of. Sure I'm OK with buying more maps or characters, but Siege pretty much turned it from a good squad tactical shooter to a clown shooter... and I think, in time, For Honor will also. Not to mention Add to dictionary other good game but a bunch of micro-transaction crap in it, Steep. jmo
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