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Nightfall/Weekly Heroic Strategy - Archon Priest Strike

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  • Nightfall/Weekly Heroic Strategy - Archon Priest Strike

    Let me preface this with the fact that I have done this no less than 6 times this week, all solo, so the strategy is proven.

    The archon priest strike really is one of the easiest strikes to solo in the game because of one fact: RANGE. The majority of the enemies you're going to face, you can take out from a greater distance than they can possibly shoot at you from.

    Weekly notes for week of 10/7: In this week's nightfall, all three elemental types come into play, so as long as you have elemental weapons in your arsenal, you're going to be doing serious damage to everything, regardless of its shield type. The weekly heroic this week doesnt have a negative perk, but it does have void burn! What this means to you is that the only enemies that will do increased damage to you are hydras, and you'll only be getting close enough to ONE hydra for it to even shoot at you. Make sure you have void weapons equipped for extra damage to enemies!

    You're going to load in at the usual spawn point on venus and head toward the cave entrance in the ember caves area to the left. This first area's enemies will not have any of the heroic/nightfall attributes applied, and will all be level 11, so this is a fantastic place to get some easy kills and stock up on ammo. After you're ammo heavy, head down into the cave, but DONT RUSH.

    Weapon needs: damage-appropriate sniper rifle and scout rifle.
    After you jump up on to the first platform, you're going to hear fallen and vex fighting each other. Let the fallen get killed off, leaving you 3 goblins to kill. Easy as pie. Run up the hill and around the bend to the next area. Stay hidden from sight and dont enter the large cave. Again, the fallen and vex will be fighting each other, let them do the work for you! The vex will kill off 99% (if not all) of the fallen in the room, leaving you relatively little to clear out. Peek out and take aim at the high catwalk straight in the back with your sniper rifle, there will be 2 hobgoblins there. Once you've killed one or both, a hydra will spawn right in front of you. Carefully peek-and-pop at the hydra until it's dead. Be aware that there are also 5-6 goblins that will come to the hydra's aid and walk up to you one at a time. These are the only enemies that will approach you. Period.

    After you've made short work of all of those enemies, follow the incline path to the left. Before crossing the metal bridge, look across to where the exit is and you'll see another two hobgoblins waiting for you to get close enough to shoot at. Again, snipe them out. There may be a stray goblin or two up top, which you can clear easily before moving on to the next area.

    Weapon needs: damage-appropriate sniper rifle and scout rifle. Rocket launcher optional.
    The next area is the giant outdoor area with the fallen ketch where Draksis lives. When you enter the area, move to the cliff where the metal platform sticks just a bit off the edge overlooking the path down. You'll notice that yet again, the fallen and vex are at war. Let them kill each other. While they're doing this, directly below you on the path are 4 goblins who dont seem to care about the raging battle a few feet away. You can safely drop a grenade on their heads from your perch and kill them all, or finish them off with guns. Once the big battle is over and your goblin friends are dead, kill all of the remaining enemies with your sniper rifle. Most of them will be visible from your perch, but there will be 3 hobgoblins who are hard to see just over the metal bridge to your lower left. NOTE: Dinklebot will trigger the "go open the door" message BEFORE these hobgoblins are dead, so be careful.

    After all of the enemies are dead, go over and deploy your Ghost to open the door. IMMEDIATELY run back across the bridge and up to your perch. You'll be staying here, or very close to here for the remainder of the fight. As you're running back up, a wave of enemies including 4 axis minotaurs and 4 axis hobgoblins will spawn. Kill them all at range using scout rifle, sniper rifle or rocket launcher (note: a fully upgraded gjallarhorn makes super fast work of this phase of the fight). The hobgoblins will wander close enough to start shooting at you, but you can pick them off one at a time by peeking through the rocks. Again, with every wave, there will be enemies who will hide just across the bridge out of your direct view. I suggest jumping across the path to the "blue hole" rocks and shooting them from above.

    After you've killed the first wave, a second wave immediately spawns with lots of goblins and hobgoblins. Kill all of them, taking care to leave a single goblin alive at the end of the wave so you can run down and collect ammo if needed. If you dont, simply slaughter them all from your perch on high.

    The third wave that spawns will be hydras and harpies. The plan is exactly the same. Kill them all from a distance. None of them can get close enough to even shoot at you.

    After all of the enemies are cleared, Dinklebot will let you know and you can proceed down and gather your engrams, ammo and then go through the door. At the top of the ramp, you'll see 4 pikes waiting for you: DONT TAKE THEM. Stay on foot. Run up the canyon until you see a ledge on your left. Jump up to it and follow it around. Once you can see into the big area, you'll notice the following: 3 axis hobgoblins on your close left, but not close enough to shoot you. At middle, you have 3 goblins and 2 hobgoblins flanked by 3 minotaurs. Kill all of these enemies, and when you move forward, hug the left wall of the canyon. Hidden behind the rock thats on the right side of the area as you enter are 3 harpies, if you hug the left wall after killing all the enemies with legs, you can either bypass the harpies altogether or stop to kill them when they pop out from behind the rocks, but are still to far away to shoot at you. Either way, move on.

    As you continue down the canyon, you'll come to an area with a small ledge on the right immediately followed by a small ledge to the left. This is a good place to reload ammo or swap weapons as the next fight is immediately after. Just past the left ledge, the path curves down and to the right. There will be 5 goblins and a hydra here on ground level. The hydra can be a chicken sometimes and run away. If he does this, dont worry about it, you'll get him later. Up high in the very back of the area, there is a second hydra which you can also take out from this spot. Once you've cleared all those enemies, hug the left canyon wall for a few feet, paying attention to the area at your high right. Here, there will be 3 goblins and 2 hobgoblins on an elevated rock. THESE HOBS CAN SHOOT YOU if you're not careful. Take them all out and jump up to where they were to collect your spoils and ammo. This is also a great spot to finish off the first hydra from if he ran away from you. Once you're done, head for the path out of the area.

    As you come to the last area DO NOT JUMP DOWN, you'll hear the familiar sound of vex and fallen fighting again. Let them kill each other. Once the firefight stops, you can either jump up on the rocks to the left and snipe out the remaining enemies, or jump down and mop up, being careful not to overwhelm yourself (remember that during the nightfall elemental damage is increased, and a single dreg can kill you in less than 3 shots). If you do have to retreat, JUMP BACK UP to where you entered the area from. Enemies will not follow you up here. Rinse and repeat until you hear the dropship come in and then definitely retreat back to the starting area. The dropship will unload a bunch of majors and ultras for you to fight. If you jump up to the rocks on the left of the starting area just as the dropship is departing, you can take out several of these with a rocket launcher. If not, be patient and pick them off one at a time. Clear the whole area of enemies (carefully) until you get the "release the archon priest" popup on your screen. It's time for the boss fight.

    This fight is super easy to cheese if you do it right, and almost impossible to pull off if you dont. Quickly run into the metal circle in the middle (dinklebot will say "are you sure this is a good idea?") and then jump up to the area indicated in this picture and duck under the platform:

    BIG NOTE: Do NOT wait for the priest to be released as in the picture. YOU WILL DIE if you do.

    After youre under the platform, move all the way to the back where the ramp is. From here, you can pick off any adds that spawn while slowly whittling down the boss's health. Your biggest threats while down here are the shanks, which will hug the edge of the platform and try to shoot at you. Take them out periodically as they spawn. There will also be fallen majors and ultras that spawn which you can take out if you want, but I generally ignore them. The servitors that spawn can be annoying as they get in the way, but their void blast is too big to fit through the grating and hit you. If you start taking too much damage, move all the way to the back of the ramp up against the rock wall in the corner and nothing can hit you. Recover here and continue the fight. Your element-appropriate weapons should take the archon priest down in about 4-5 minutes, along with fighting off the adds, etc.

    Once the priest is dead, the strike is over. Note that all of the adds outside WILL NOT despawn, so if you go out to collect drops, there will still be enemies shooting at you. However, if the countdown to orbit timer has started and you die, it doesnt matter since the game has already logged the completion. Congratulations, you've just finished beating the strike solo!



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