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New Elder Scrolls V (5): Skyrim Official Trailer

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  • New Elder Scrolls V (5): Skyrim Official Trailer

    The first, in-game look at most anticipated role-playing game of 2011 from Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim, slated for release on 11/11/11 for the Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and the PC. After seeing this trailer, I'm absolutely psyched about it. The Dovakhiin never looked so awesome!

    Here's the trailer:

    So as anticipation arises, what's your take on TES-V thus far? Leave posts below and please, speculate away!
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    Re: New Elder Scrolls V (5): Skyrim Official Trailer

    It looks absolutely gorgeous. As long as they can get some better animations models, then I'll be even more psyched. As much as I want this for PC, I think I want it for PS3 more, since I know that machine can handle it. :P


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      Re: New Elder Scrolls V (5): Skyrim Official Trailer

      Omg whoever thought of putting this topic in the PS3 forums should be shot, you can't use mods on a PS3!

      Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind/Every other TES game with mods = 5+ years of enjoyment.
      Without mods = maybe a few months of enjoyment.

      Note: Shameless plug.

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        Omg the person that thought of coming to the PS3 forums to say how something will suck compared to the PC version should be shot.

        Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind/Every other TES game on my huge TV with surround sound and comfy couch with controller = bliss while I enjoy the story and wait for the inevitable DLC.

        Without all the above? Well, I might as well get it on PC at that point.




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