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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] PlayStation 4

    So the PS4 is to be unveiled tonight at an exclusive event in NYC. What does this mean? We'll learn the launch date, cost and what titles will be there for the launch (Gran Turismo 6 anyone?).

    Watch the event live at this link:

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    Re: PlayStation 4

    I wasted 2 hours watching it live.

    No launch date, no price, no freaking console to show. Well, at least Watch Dogs looks impressive.
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      Re: PlayStation 4

      I don't play PS anymore. Yeah better GPU and ram etc etc etc. Still got a bluray player in my PS3 which does the same thing as the PS4. Used to get excited about these things.....until I discovered PC's
      I think a lot of the hype people associated with it was let down with the misconception from SONY and tech websites alike not accurately describing the difference between a sneak preview and an official launch will happen at CES.

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        Re: PlayStation 4

        Originally posted by bolagnaise View Post
        Used to get excited about these things.....until I discovered PC's
        Same here. I used to really get excited about Nintendos. After the N64 it all went in a downhill direction.

        But there's the game's on PlayStation (like Gran Turismo) that I really enjoy playing.


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          Re: PlayStation 4

          I still love the Station and the Xbox, but after the 360, I doubt I will get another console. There are hand helds, but I only get maybe 10 games during a hand held's life, with the exception of remakes or good ports...

          Hopefully, the PS4 and its good hardware levels will not be stupidly slow with load times, and have a good price. The PS3 came out with a price tag that was around $800 and near a $1000 after you pay for your other stuff...


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            Re: PlayStation 4

            On the topic of Next Gen console for me, I am not buying.

            I haven't really played my PS3 for a few months now and my interest towards it is starting to decline. I've decided that I won't be buying any more consoles and will be purely focusing the money that I save from them towards PC Upgrades and games. It will end up much better solely using a PC as I won't have to split my time or money between the two.

            I have a 5 year old computer running 32 bit XP that is still managing with todays games but after seeing Company of Heroes 2 and Rome 2, it looks like I am going to be missing out on a whole bunch of stuff.

            Money makes the world go round and Australian PCs and Games cost a whole lot of it.

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