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    I know I haven't been around here in a long time, but this was the first place I thought of tonight. I was wondering if anyone here plays Fortnite on the PS4.

    My son loves to watch YouTube videos of people playing games. No, I don't let him watch my old videos :) One of his favorite gamers has been playing Fortnite and since it was free, I figured, why not. He can play and even if he sucks, everyone will just think it's me. I have been trying to get him to play solo so he can get used to the controls and how the game works, but he is always wanting to play in squads. Well we have a PS VR and the mic picks up everything. I've been trying to guide him and let him know what he should or should not ask or say. I didn't want some rude kid ripping on him for asking "stupid" questions.

    Well today was rough. He was in a really skilled squad and one kid occasionally responded to him and dropped him a gun or two. The other two just stayed close, but did their own thing and never said anything. I was helping Marshall get to where everyone was going and I realized all his teammates were dead. I said he could throw his boogie bomb now and he should try to kill the guys that took out his teammates and then his teammates start getting vocal. Talking about how the other guys are reviving each other and being somewhat frantic. Then I see, there are only 3 people left alive. His squadmates now expected Marshall to kill everyone on the other team. He tries shotgunning the other guys and now his squadmates are freaking out and shouting instructions. Then he died. They told him he sucked and should quit and never play Fortnite again. I shouted for them to chill, he was only 7. They just kept on with the insults.

    He took it really hard and I think I've got him past it, but if anyone plays on the PS4 and wouldn't mind kicking it around with a kid that wants to play with a team and try to have some fun, please add me. catman_1975 sometimes it's me playing and sometimes it's him. He really just wants to play with some people that will talk with him and have fun.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Well if he is up for a new incarnation of Fornite called Apex Legends, he can definitely play with me ( sargentchrome ) anytime. BTW it is a freemium too :)
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