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Newest problems I've noticed...

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  • Newest problems I've noticed...

    Has anyone else heard of the problem with GTA:IV causing the Blue-Ray Player to get fried in the PS3 system by either it happening to yourselves or friends?

    I have had my GTA:IV for awhile and it wasn't doing me any harm--however I did have several friend who actually had to have Sony replace their systems shortly after they put GTA and installed the stuff on the HD, literally less than a week or so of playing and boom NOTHING would play--demos--videos--nada.

    Well I thought maybe it was their systems until...about 3 weeks after I had my GTA my system stopped reading everything--now fortunately i was able to do a system restore and it seemed to work just fine, but I am also out of the money on the game I bought--that and I very much enjoyed my GTA 4. Just wanting to shed some light on that and read some feedback on possible experiences that people have had...

    P.S. My system worked just fine, I played ONLY GTA and CoD4 (I think 2 times in between?) the 3 week'ish time period before the same thing happened to me as my friends...


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    Re: Newest problems I've noticed...

    /takes GTA4 back to blockbuster video immediately
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      Re: Newest problems I've noticed...

      My friend just had his PS3 stop reading disc in his but he never had GTA:IV. It just stopped working, won't read or even spin a disc at all but he can play demos. So he contacted Sony for some support, they are supposed to be sending him a box that has prepaid shipping so he can send it in for service.
      Hope this isn't a sign that my PS3 is next!!




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