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Unofficial PS3 Trade Thread.

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  • Unofficial PS3 Trade Thread.

    So, Not really interested in those grandiose game trading websites. Figure'd I'd just drop a little blurb on here. Looking for trades only, not sales. Will also consider Blu-ray DVD's and the like if you really want to. PM me for potential trades to keep this thread somewhat clean. SM's, 6 months membership or 250 posts, US and Canada be my terms. Everybody pays their own shipping out. My stuff would be priority bubble mailers or flat rate envelopes depending on cost.

    I'm basically looking for stuff I don't own. The stuff I'm trading is all stuff that probably won't see any more plays for one reason or another.

    Feel free to add you own set to the thread.

    What I already own:
    Soul Caliber IV
    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
    Rock Band
    MLB 08: The Show
    Heavenly Sword
    NHL 08

    What I have to Trade:
    Fight Night Round 3
    Call of Duty 4
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    NBA Live 08
    Devil May Cry 4.
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