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  • Socom clan roster/squads

    Hey guys,here is our current clan roster as follows:
    1. ITHD
    2. ADOMBOM
    3. Ranger__MP
    4. Desode
    5. Sirusblk
    6. Midnite_Layla

    We have a couple of invites pending also.

    Now, To start off, I want to make our first squad, which will have 4 players in four postions.
    I'm going to pick four people for the first squad based on gamplay time and game rank,because I know that these people are playing the game on a regular basis.
    Squad 1 is as follows:
    1. ITHD
    2. ADOMBOM
    3. Ranger__MP
    4. Desode
    Im going to leave it up to you guys to pick your position in the squad. What I mean by position is as follows:
    1. Point man= you'll be the first one sticking your nose in the dangerous places before the rest of us,so you need to be fast on the communication and fast on the trigger.
    2.Right Flank= You'll be covering the right side at all times when on the go.
    3.Left Flank= You'll be covering the right side at all times when on the go.
    4. Rear Flank=you'll be watching behind us more than looking ahead.

    Now these positions aren't going to be written in stone so if you want to mix it up on down the road with in a squad, thats no problem, however I recommend you spend some time in your first chosen position, so that we have a fundemental squad layout that has some practice time under their belts in these positions. If two or more of you want the same position then I'll write down a number between 1 and 10 and the closest pick gets the position.

    We are also going to need a couple of full time snipers, so if you got some sniping skills let us know. Please keep in mind that a sniper is not just about getting kills. He plays a very important role in giving the team valuable information on the battlefield and that info can make or break a match. You need to be able to give out specific enemy location information while sniping.

    I also picked up the Socom Strategie guide the other day and I recommend that if you got the money, you pick it up also. If you don't have the money, then PM me your email and I will make sure that you atleast get a photo copy of the map layouts. I will say this, you can't imagine the wealth of info in this guide ! Things that are not listed in the game : example: A BIPOD adds 18% accuracy to your weapon when prone and 15% less recoil when prone. There is no where in the game that tells you this and it doesn't show this change on the current weapon listing in the game. Thats just one example. It also has all the medals and awards and what you have to do to get that specific medal or award: Example: Bronze Star performance award - requirements : 5 mvp awards,25 kill assists, 300 kills,35 headshots, 50 matches on the winning side.

    Next on the agenda is we need more clan members, so If you come across someone that meets the Tactical Gamer standards, then feel free to get them in the clan. Just drop me a message and I'll see that they get a clan invite.

    LAST, but not least,

    PLEASE make sure that when you first turn Socom on, that the first thing you do is check your in game messages. The Socom in game message system lets me send a message to all the clan members on our clan roster and thats the way messages will be sent. If a clan match is planned it will be posted here on the forums and you will also recieve a in game message giving you early notice of the match. When I say early notice, I mean atleast a day in advance. When a match is being planned it will be discused among all of the active players in order to figure out a time and date that works for everyone.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, DESODE
    Gamertag 360= DESODE

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    Re: Socom clan roster/squads

    Excellent post, and a great idea! I'd be interested in rear flank and as well security for snipers if needed. Seeing as how the claymores are all hand-detonated, it's always good to have roving support for the snipers!

    I'm also looking into whiteboard apps we can use in lieu of the Tactical Whiteboard until it becomes available.




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