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  • The LBP Effect

    So last night, at 8:02 pm I get a phone call, my mom picks up first and tells me it's Gamestop. I get the phone and all I hear is tommarow afternoon it'll be ready. What exactly I don't know.

    My only reservation is Little Big Planet. Surely it can't be that, it's not meant to come out until Monday the 27th at the earliest, that's when it's meant to ship at least. Gamestop isn't the best about shipments so I wasn't even planning on it until Tuesday afternoon.

    Well Saturday morning, today, rolls around and I decide to call into Gamestop and see what the message was about. At first they pitch Guitar Hero: World Tour. Na-ah, I didn't preorder that. Pass. Little Big Planet? No way, they must be pulling a fast one. The following conversation went a little like this:

    GS: "Well it might be Little Big Planet"
    Me: "Wait it's out already? I thought the shipping date was the 27th"
    GS: "Nah we just got them in. There's a limited supply though, it's only the initial shipment so we're only letting preorders have first go at them, but there's not enough for all preorders so you might want to move fast."
    Me: "Sweet! I'll be right over"

    No sooner had he opened his mouth on the other line to close our conversation with a "Good Bye" or "Take Care" but I wasn't there to hear it, I had hung up already, tunnel vision taking over. My hands were already around my shoots, lacing up to drive over.

    I get in the car, turning the key, setting it in drive and relieving the emergency brake. My drive is almost automatic, I feel lucid as though I'm in a dream. The gravity and realization of such a tremedous situation hadn't hit me before. I had felt dreams before that felt more real.

    I enter the parking lot, parking with the forethought of how to make a quick get away. I walk as best as I can into the store trying to hide the spring in my step. At any moment it might seem that I'd fall over on my side flailing my arms and legs in obvious excitement.

    Then I suddenly consider the possibility of a line. No way, a line? There were limited copies and I didn't want to wait, much less not get a copy for myself. I'm instantly relieved at the sight of an old lady at the counter, otherwise the store is vacant. I walk up to the counter feeling more and more guilty at the prospect. Getting a game early? Is this illegal? Surely I feel it's not but I can't help the lingering thought in my mind.

    I pay at the counter, the cashier withdraws a drawer full of games. I see all the different titles, straining my eyes to catch a glimpse of Little Big Planet. I start to see a small row of burlap looking sides, the blue title "Little Big Planet" spread out. He displays the game on the counter top, my first instinct to grab it and run, but I hold my composure. The store clerk informs me that I'm the first to pick up my copy. A small resentment builds for leading me to believe I might lose out on my copy, but quickly passes. I quickly pay and grab my precious treasure and climb back into my car, the receipt trembling in my hand the whole while.

    On the drive back, I almost get into a car accident. I pull out trying to make a left turn with an unprotected green light. I impatiently wait for all the cars to pass, which doesn't seem to end. The yellow light hits and I turn, surely the car back there won't try to run the light? I was wrong, the person doesn't even slow down, laying on their horn long running the red light. Obscenities build up in my mind but I got out with so much as a scratch and I still have my precious cargo.

    I load the disc in, and instantly start it up, my childish enthusiasm and anticipation anxiety surmounting into the coma inducing levels. I'm greeted with a silhouette of a little sackboy running on what I perceive to be a big planet. Game data installed I'm thrown instantly into a LBP level. The Tutorial level/Credits instantly relieves my insatiable hunger. All my fears are put to rest...

    Now I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, I'm not mentally screwed up but I have been looking forward to playing Little Big Planet since before I can remember (which isn't saying much considering I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday). I've always liked the idea of playing levels of my own creation having no limits as to what I could do. I've gone so far to mess with development tools on such games as the Source engine, UT2004, and more. The thought of a customized avatar running around and able to interact with my own creations and more has been a most glorious prospect.

    The best part of the game experience? It's totally kid friendly. No digital phallic symbols here. This game is rated E for everyone, and that holds over online. A reporting system has been implemented so no rude words and no inappropriate content.

    I'm not able to take part in the online features, I doubt their servers will go online until Monday the 27th but that means ample time for the single player experience.

    To be honest I didn't expect much but there's tons. Your campaign basically starts in England, with a king and queen aesthetic, then you move to Africa and beyond, each sporting their own distinct aesthetic. Unlocking everything is hard. Each level is great, anyone can play and I'm interested in having my friends play. Players just turn on their controller to jump in and yes they can play on their own profiles as well as play off of yours (anything you both unlock, is unlocked for you both and saved to your individual profiles). Overall I'm very impressed, I'm challenged but I never feel like I'm not having fun. Getting those hidden unlocks takes some real finess and challenges are really really challenging. I can't even wait for the online component.

    I do have a feeling I did get the discontinued copy though after getting an audio object with the album artwork of the "troublesome" song.

    Edit: I guess they decided to keep an instrumental version only so I could be wrong :)

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    Re: The LBP Effect

    Haha, yeah. My girlfriend picker her copy up today too. It's stellar! She went out so I played the King's levels (beat the crap out of them in the beta!) and tried to get online, didn't know it wasn't up yet. However, we were both very pleased with the game! I'm looking forward to hopping in create mode, but only after I've gotten 100% on everything. :P


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      Re: The LBP Effect

      The Beta was pretty good apart from atrocious lag and online camera issues. My sister is interested in this title too, so maybe I could get away without paying much... :P


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        Re: The LBP Effect

        They really haven't fixed the online playing last I played. You'll lag then speed up then lag then spead up. Hopefully they'll have it down. I'd like to also be able to permanently download levels if I like them well enough.




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