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    Absolutely awesome game that nobody here should overlook. Picked it up at Walmart the other day. It's essentially a tactical RPG set in alternate universe WWII. So, guns, tanks but instead of oil they use a fictional mineral as fuel that everybody is fighting over.

    Review linky:;read-review

    Gameplay is thus: You start your turn with an overhead map with icons representing all of your troops available, as well as any enemy troops your troops can see. You have a limited number of command points available. Moving a unit takes 1 point, moving a tank takes 2. Once you select a unit to move, the game goes into a Real-time third-person where you actually take control of the unit. You have an action bar that represents how far they can move on their turn. At any point during your move you can stop and fire any of the unit's weaponry. Doing so puts you into a time-freeze First Person crosshairs mode where you select targets where you can aim for Head Shots or whatever you like. Combat itself is turn based, so when you choose to fire the game takes over and fires a set number of rounds at your enemy.

    You can choose to move the same unit multiple times, but each time you select them on the same turn they can't move as far as previous (their bar starts out 2/4 full or what have you)

    Seems to me that this is a game that most TG'ers would enjoy.

    The only downside to the game that I see is that the enemy AI is somewhat silly at times. Running across the LOS enemy units will cause them to open fire on you automatically. The Enemy AI will occasionally sprint across your whole line in an attempt to reach an objective, ignoring the fact that he'll be taking point blank fire from half your troops as he does. It's a minor quip though, and since you control all of the movement of your squad you don't suffer from the same problem.
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