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  • Fully programable Ps3 Controller

    This goes out to all my friends on here who agree that not being able to fully customize your button layout just plain SUCKS !

    I found this the other day and I ordered one right away. Its a new controller from Thrustmaster. They have been around making joysticks and controllers for a Long time.

    This ps3 controller is wireless and is also ps2 and pc compatible and best of all it lets you change your button layout to anywhere you like and even lets you save that layout to its internal memory. You can even swap the analog sticks if you wish. It also features a optical wheel for zooming in and out . Check it out , and maybe it will help you solve the stress you feel when you buy a game that doesn't have fully customizable controls.
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    Re: Fully programable Ps3 Controller

    So here it is , The review of the Thrustmaster wireless ps3/ps2/pc controller.

    I recieved it in the mail Saturday and I wanted to spend some time with it before I gave you guys a review.
    I'll start by saying the construction of the controller is very high quality. I would say its built better and stronger then any ps3 controller I have seen to date.
    It has its pro's and it has its con's, so I recommend that you decide if you want to purchase it based on which things are the most important to you.

    The first thing I noticed was that the controller is a little smaller then I expected it to be. I'm a Big dude and that was a con for me. I was hoping the sticks would be farther apart and there not.
    Its not so bad that I can't adjust where I put my thumbs on the sticks and play. This is something you need to consider. If you have Big hands and already have problems on the Dualshock 3 then this may not be the controller for you. The next thing I noticed is that the L2 and R2 buttons are on the bottom of the controller. I was thinking **bleep** is this , HOWEVER once I plugged it in I learned that it actually has 2 sets of l2 and r2 buttons , because the bottom triggers are default set to r2 and l2 also, so Its no big deal and it works just like the standard ps3 controller. The r2 and l2 buttons on the bottom of the controller are in NO WAY hendering to your gameplay , they are in a position where you don't bump into them at all.

    The analog sticks are way more sensitive then most controllers. I had to adjust my in game sensitivity settings to balence it out because they are so much more acurate then the Dualshock 3's sticks are.

    The r3 and l3 buttons on the sticks are really tight. You have to pound on them . Now I imagine they will losin up after some use. As they are right now there is no way your going to find yourself heavy Thumbing these buttons.

    The wireless works great and I have had no problems with any interference or lag at all. The rumble doesn't work for the ps3 but I knew that before I bought it and personally that doesn't bother be at all.

    Now for the important part,
    The programable controls are Flawless ! It is so simple to do and it works amazing. It works so well that you can swap buttons on the fly in game in a second.

    The controller also has a button called preset and when you push that button it switches from default to your custom layout. This means you can use 2 sets of control layouts in game on the fly with just a touch of a button. Its really nice. You can have a sniper set up thats completly different to the point that you couldn't hardly use that layout to even move around in the game and yet that layout maybe the supreme layout for laying down snipping. Well now with this controller you can use your default layout to fight your way to your favorite snipping spot and then take position and with the push of a button your controller changes to your custom snipper layout. I do wish that you could save multiple layouts but its so easy to make your custom layout that it doesn't hurt your gaming experience. The controller saves your custom layout even if you take the batteries out.

    I also used the controller on resistence 2 because I wanted to test out the optical wheel for zooming in and out. Resistence 2 has a multi ratio zoom and the optical whell takes amazing advantage of this. You just push up on the dial and it smoothly zooms in and push down on the dial and it smoothly zooms out. It works really well and the controller has 2 setting of sensitivity built into the optical wheel, so you can also adjust that if you need to.

    Conclusion, Well its up to you, The controller has its pros and cons. For me its a worthy controller to have in my arsenal. I wish the controller was bigger in size yet the fully programable buttons and sticks are worth the $31, in my book. The advantage that can be gained by customizing your own layout or if your left handed (you can swap the sticks) is priceless to giving your gameplay a advantage.

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      Re: Fully programable Ps3 Controller

      nice write up, thanks for all the wonderful info. I didn't know this even existed, but now I am going to have a look!
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        Re: Fully programable Ps3 Controller

        No problem, RoadWarrior, It really is a nice controller to have when there is a good game out but you can't stand the control scheme.
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