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Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

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  • Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

    Hi folks.
    I'm (obviously) quite new here and I'd like to make sure I'm in the right place.
    The only game I play is COD4 on PS3. I'm not very good as I just started recently (rank 10, with five or six total hours of gameplay). The frustration I'm finding by playing online is ruining the game for me. Out of desperation, I ran a Google search to find a place I could go where like minded individuals hang out and play COD4. I ran across many places that seemed to be geared towards adult/mature oriented gameplay and this one seemed like it just had it's things in order a little better than the rest of them.
    Sooo... Here I am.

    Here are my goals and pet peeves:
    - To play COD4 on PS3 without hearing distorted music through some punks microphone.
    - To not hear some dork sing into his headset.
    - To not hear some kids Mom in the background telling him to clean him room. Or, hear that same kid telling his buddy (online) about his new girlfriend....The whole while, he's kicking my butt. Repeatedly. That tends to annoy me. I do not have a headset/mic, so maybe I'm just jealous that I can't "go off" on them?
    - Being dropped in the middle of a game as soon as I start it (why is that?). Or having the "host" stop the game as soon as it starts. Who the heck is the host? I'd like to be one once.

    But most importantly:
    - To play against people who are (roughly) equally skilled as I am. That would really be nice. Having to respawn a dozen times in a 10 minute game gets old.
    Perusing the forum here, I've come to realize you guys (and gals) are MUCH more skilled than I. Slightly intimidating to say the least. Basically, I'd like to be part of an organized group of serious people in COD4. I'm willing to run "backup"...Somebody who isn't front and center in gameplay. I'm not asking to be the "point man" or anything. I'd prefer to spend 30 minutes in a single game and use maybe 10 rounds of ammunition and die once (or as little as possible given my amateur status) as opposed to using 300 rounds of ammo and dieing 15 times to get 15 kills. I think the Military guys call it the "spray and pray" method of firing a weapon? That just doesn't seem like much fun for me.

    #1 Do I belong here? (On T.G. I mean)
    #2 Is there any hope for a thirty-something to have fun online with COD4? Or should I dust off the Genesis and be done with it?
    #3 Umm.... And anything else I didn't think to ask that you may be able to help with.

    Have mercy on the new guy.


    EDIT: To make sure I was subscribed to the thread.
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    Re: Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

    Ok, well...I have come to the conclusion that I am in the wrong spot. After 34 views, no replies. I've also been perusing through this board (PS3) and don't see much talk of COD4. If nobody here plays, maybe you might know of a forum I can check out?



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      Re: Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

      Well, TG definitely sounds like the kind of place you're looking for. The only question is whether or not we have very many PS3 COD4 players. Hopefully you'll get a few more responses from people that have the game...

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        Re: Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

        Hey, thanks man!
        I'm beginning to realize that COD4 may be old news. There are still lots of folks (kids) playing it online, but not many "adult/mature" folks talking about it on the forums anymore.
        Seems they've gotten bored with it and moved on.



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          Re: Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

          The problem here is that Tactical Gamer is mostly focused on PC gaming, of course there is still a lot of console gamers myself included but most of them also have gaming PCs which are used more often.

          If you ever get into playing CoD 4 on the PC or any other game check TG out again, you'll be warmly welcomed :)

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            Re: Do I belong here (PS3 - COD4)

            Alright, thanks for the heads-up. I didn't know it was primarily PC guys here. Sorry about that.





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