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    Alright so for last xmas I got a ps3, and with it came free monthly rental coupons from hollywood video.. So I know Ofp2 was released already and had never played the old ofp or this one yet and had heard mixed reactions towards it (I played ArmA1 and loved it so naturally I was more biased towards the more negative side of the reviews). So I 'rented' it, got back to my place and put it in... Opening video showing the starting plot was pretty damn awesome I gotta say but when the game started and I saw the graphics I was pretty shocked. Shocked at how little effort and how crappy the game looked on the PS3, it might've been acceptable for the 360 but for the PS3??? Wow..

    So I start playing the first mission and can already see what people are complaining about (bad animations and non-simlike feel, also when you select your GL and you try and sight it it brings up your red dot sight... WTF!?!?), so I blow up the advanced warning site and press on with my secondary objective. I get huddled around a group of rocks and take out my binocs to see the firefight going on in the distance, I see AI running around on plain flat grass (no shrubs or anything, just plain trees and plain grass) and my men automaticlly start engaging (which I guess is okay since I didnt tell them to hold?? I literally just start playing, about 20m ago). I call in the arty on the largest concentration of enemy that I see (which is also easy to see due to radar like compass; another WTF?) and it proceeds to rain hell almost immediately. I see two jeeps in the compound area and my guys and I start firing at one that looks like it's being driven by one man (jeeps had mounted MGs on back). We all are firing off ammo then I hear an explosion and I'm dead.
    The camera gets back from being blacked out and it pans up to show me my guy who was behind me with a LAT out.

    This is what prompted me to come and put down this little report. I can't say that I'm 100% positive that my guy FF'd (or effed) me in the back with a LAT but it damn near seems like it.

    Anyway I'm gonna try and make the best out of the game and try to beat it then play MP.
    So has anyone else tried playing this for the PS3? Anyone like it or does everyone else kind of stand where I stand?

    edit: it happened again and this time i saw the ****er reloading... I thought this game was supposed to have advanced AI?
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