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Have you tried Bioshock?

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  • Have you tried Bioshock?

    With Bioshock 2 coming out on 02/09/10 in North America, I decided to share my experience on Bioshock 1.

    Bioshock on Playstation 3 is a turnover in the first person shooter genre. In the 60s, a plane crashes over the Atlantic Ocean. You, anonymous hero, are the only survivor and will have to float in the flames which fire the ocean up to a lighthouse planted in the middle of nowhere. Inside, a submarine seems to have waited for you. It will lead you to Rapture, a modern and terrifying Atlantis. The scenario entails you to investigate the ruins of this gigantic city ravaged by the madness of his creator. In this closed world, the science took strange directions inspired by the study of sea bed and the discovery of Adam, a substance secreted by a kind of slug. Lost in the heart of this Utopia transformed into a scientific abomination, you will have to fight by means of plasmids (sorts of modules which modify the DNA to acquire strange powers) against inhabitants who denied for a long time their humanity.

    No doubts, plasmids are cool. Playing with the electricity allows you to knock out your opponents in an effective way. And if they stand or walk in water areas, you can electrocute them with a deadly shot. Fire will spread quickly and you may notice the presence of puddle of oil or the other inflammable material during battles. Plasmids offers you the means, you to be reagent enough to benefit of it at the right time. Naturally, to enjoy all this, it will be necessary to stock up with Adam, now the only still valid source to do it are the little sisters, regrettably guarded by Big Daddys.


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    Re: Have you tried Bioshock?

    I had played Bioshock a little on the PS3. I loved the game on the PC so decided I wanted to try it on the PS3. A buddy owned it and let me borrow it for a little while. Game would be cool if they had some sort of multiplayer to it. The singleplayer I really like, graphics were just as good on the PS3 as they were on the PC, which did surprise me.
    I was thinking about getting Bioshock2 when it comes out.




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