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    I recently picked up the God of War Collection (gow 1 and 2 combo disc) and started hearing rumors that there was a GOW3 demo release in Europe a few weeks back. I was wondering if anyone here has it on an account that they would be willing to gameshare on?

    If memory serves me correctly, that's how I got my grubby mits on the killzone 2 demo early. Someone here with a European account named "Br1gand" was willing to share it.

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    Re: God of War

    I thought that everyone get a key for the demo of the 3rd with the God of War I & II Collector Edition. That's what it says on my copy.

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      Re: God of War

      Yeah...but I rented it. So do you have it Shini? If so can you share it with me?
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        Re: God of War

        Doesn't work that way... once one person redeems the code, the code is invalid. My cousin bought the collection and I tried his code :(


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          Re: God of War

          While that is true, there is another loophole. Basically, you can log into up to 5 different Playstations with your PSN account and download anything you've downloaded before (paid or free) without having to pay again or enter the redeem code again. It's called game-sharing and it's usually done between friends since there is (or at least was) a limit to how many times you can do it. Basically it works like this.

          I'll use myself and my brother as a reference since we do this most frequently for rock band downloads, but it works the same for ANY download.

          The Download
          1. I log onto my PS3 under my unit profile (Raliegh).
          2. I log into the PSN with my psn account username and password (raliegh/********).
          3. I go to the PSN Store.
          4. I purchase (although this works for free downloads as well) a rockband add-on song or songpack.
          5. I begin the download.
          6. Lastly I change my password to something I am willing to share and log out of the PS3.

          The Game-Share
          1. Now my brother turns on his PS3.
          2. Rather than logging on with his unit profile he creates a new profile on his PS3 matching mine (Raliegh).
          3. Once created, he logs into the PSN with my psn account username and password that I changed (raliegh/********).
          4. He goes to the PSN store.
          5. In the upper right corner he clicks "Downloads" (this lists everything you have ever downloaded whether payed for or free).
          6. He finds the aforementioned song or songpack and begins downloading them on his PS3.

          The Payback
          1. Now he switches back to his PS3 profile and logs into PSN with his account (the shared song will continue to download).
          2. While the shared song continues to download on his PS3, he performs the same original steps I did by logging in, purchasing a different song (to make the price equal and fair we are splitting the cost of two songs), and then changing his pass and sharing it with me.
          3. Now I follow the steps he originally took to download the second song purchased.

          Finally, we change our passwords back and log back in as ourselves and both songs continue to download for each of us because it doesn't matter who is logged in once the download process is started.

          Alot of people do this online although I would never do it with someone I don't trust because if they change your password you are screwed. As I mentioned before I did this with one other person here at TG when the Killzone 2 demo came out early over seas. Since Shini and I are both in the same squad I know her very well and trust her completely.

          Shini, did you download the GOW3 demo? If so would you be willing to do this? Of course I would reciprocate and give you access to everything I have ever purchased (which is actually more than I care to admit) for you to download on your system as you wish.

          Let me know, just send me a PM and we'll work out the details on a g-chat or something.
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