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    Didn't see this in any other forums so I thought I would share it with the TG Wii gang.

    Mii Editor

    You can edit your Mii with just a bit more and then actually link up a Wii remote to a Bluetooth connection to your PC and load the Mii to your Wii controler and then download it into your Wii. To many i's in that statement I think...

    This is a part of the FAQ just to give you a bit more info on what the editor can do...

    What's different between this Editor and the Editor on the Wii?

    What the editor at has and the Mii editor found on the Wii does not:

    * The ability to modify a Mii's ID
    * The ability to modify the Wii ID (MAC address) associated with a Mii (determining which Wii can edit it)
    * A randomize Mii feature
    * The option to load a Mii binary
    * The option to save a Mii binary
    * Being able to edit a Mii through XML
    * Saving a Mii as XML
    * Exporting a Mii to a JPEG
    * A URL which can be used to dynamically load any Mii character directly within the editor

    What the editor at doesn't have and the Mii editor found on the Wii does:

    * An option to designate a Mii as being a favorite
    * Creating a Mii from a look-alike
    * Rotating the Mii in 3D space ( uses a 2D representation)

    You can also download the little app needed to connect up your Wii controler to the PC via Bluetooth from HERE.

    THIS LINK takes you to the maker of the editor's blog. You can also see some other editors and useful links on the left side.

    Have FUn...

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