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  • Guitar Hero 3

    Did anybody buy this game?

    I managed to find a copy over the weekend. It's pretty darn fun rocking out with a fake guitar. It's coming out on PC too so it'll be on all platforms.

    The online seemed to be fine but I tried it once. I did a 3 song co-op with some random person. My partner screwed up the solo at the beginning of Cliffs of Dover so we got booed off the stage. The other two songs seemed to work out for him though.

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    Re: Guitar Hero 3

    My brother ordered it for the Wii, it should be here in a few days
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      Re: Guitar Hero 3

      I was debating on picking it up. I haven't even played any of them before but they look like fun.


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        Re: Guitar Hero 3

        If you have it for the Wii. I believe you can get a replacement DVD. The current version is in mono for some odd reason.

        I haven't picked it up and don't plan on buying it. I am far more a gangster then anything else.
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