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Online Game Rental Places...Suggestions?

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  • Online Game Rental Places...Suggestions?

    Hi Folks..Anyone use a GameFly or any of thier competitors to rent games for the 360 NetFlix Style? Any recommendations for a service?
    My "Kids" are getting a 360 for Christmas..and I figure the way they go through games that a Rental would be the best bet till they know what they like...

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    Re: Online Game Rental Places...Suggestions?

    Game fly is a Excellent Service. Games are delivered with in 3 days and they have a HUGE game catalog.

    I have only used game fly for the past year till my xbox 360 broke but I would highly Recommend it. :)
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      Re: Online Game Rental Places...Suggestions?

      I use blockbuster....movies and games, plus you can go in store if you need to.
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        Re: Online Game Rental Places...Suggestions?

        It's not a rental service, but Goozex is a great way to try out a lot of games on the cheap. You trade out your games for point credits, and can "buy" games from other users with those points. It's $1 per game you order, and you can invest in a few hundred points to get you started as well. I've been using it since January and can vouch for its legitimacy.
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