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Ready to start a 4-12 man squad?

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  • Ready to start a 4-12 man squad?

    I'm ready to start a 4-12 man (Or woman) squad for one or several games. BF3 would be an obvious choice / starting point... and perhaps a main focus but we could also do Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, Goldeneye Reloaded, etc...

    I think an actual squad is in order rather than, "People to play with" that way we could do greater things. (Squad / Clan wars, tournaments, etc) I also think a clan causes more greater comradery than does otherwise.

    I have experience w/ clans / squads. Was recently part of a high ranking group known as the, "Transformers" on Goldeneye 007. I can make a website, etc...

    I'm going to be picky about who can be a part of this one considering the amount of traffic tacticalgamer gets not to mention I'd rather play alone than w/ people I don't care for. Here are a couple of the important things:

    Need to be able to play late night as in: 10pm EST into the morning... this is when I play (Around 11pm EST - 5AM) every night. (I am able to play @ work) It only makes sense we all be able to play together.

    Second... age must be 18+. I'd almost rather see 21+ simply because I think people of similar age groups relate to each other better and probably play better together as well.

    Maturity is a must I'm @ a point where if a person doesn't seem like someone good to play with (In terms of making the experience itself better) then I have no qualms about deleting them off my FL. I think what I'm trying to say is that if I couldn't be your friend in real life then there is no need for us to play together on a game.

    That is all for now... I definitely think a solid 4 man group would be the way to go and then add to that. My Xbox live tag is: Drewsky XB ... I'll be on tomorrow night around 1115pm EST (On Xbox) so hit me up any time :)

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