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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta April 19th

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  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta April 19th

    Hello TGers! As some of you may know, the GRFS beta will finally be playable in a couple days. I'm curious if anyone here is also going to have the beta, because I'd prefer to play this game with a squad of tactical minded players. I want to mention that access to the beta is limited, so you can only play it if:

    A. Splinter Cell Conviction users who still own the game will get access through the game main menu on April 19th.
    B. Selected Uplay members who have linked their account with their Xbox Live or Playstation account will automatically receive an invite.
    C. People who have pre-ordered Ghost Recon Future Soldier at selected retailers will also receive VIP invites.
    D. Winners of the Facebook sweepstakes will also get early access to the beta.

    If you meet any of the above conditions then you should have access to the beta via a code. The beta includes multiplayer and access to the customization features including the firing range. The beta released early in France so you should be able to find footage on Youtube somewhere. I wouldn't mind forming a squad with anyone here when the beta is released.

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    Re: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta April 19th

    Yeah, I'll be there, add me on xbox live.

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