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How to empty a BF3 server..

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  • How to empty a BF3 server..

    While I am new to the TG site and servers, I have enjoyed playing on them and met some good people (Lancehardwood and co).
    I have even read up on putting up the TG tag after reading the SOPs and the Primer, as i wanted to be part of it to the poitn I applied to the XBOX squad on battlelog..
    However today, well it just lost all its fun and having to listen to people complain about the TG.
    What about.. Well being kicked off one team for another (This happened to myself before i put the TG tags up) so that TG members could be moved across, camping the hell out of spawn points and well just leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths.
    Its hard enough to find a squad thats interested in using tactics, even on the TG servers unless there are TG members in a squad, but to remove people out of squads and slowly driving them out of the server by removing all enjoyment out of the game is not very constructive.
    On top of that, your not doing the TG team any good, how can you hope to improve your game when all your doing is emptying the server and removing any form of challenge.
    I have spoken to several friends who got me into playing BF3, but i can't get them to play on any of the TG servers because as they put it 'Like to play a match and have fun.' so if driving people away is the TG way, I must have missed it in the SOPs and primer.
    There are 9 servers that are under the TG banner and they are hardly used because people are tired of having a good game one moment, kicked off that team and then spend the rest of the game sat in the spawn point.
    I have only just found these servers and the TG, I don't want to end up being stuck on an empty server because people don't want to come to them due to having a reputation of being bad sportsmen and spawn campers.

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    Re: How to empty a BF3 server..

    are you playing BF3 on the 360 or are you talking about BF3 on the PC?

    To my knowledge, TG does not have or legitimately support any console game.

    If there is a problem with the current BF3 PC community then speak up, but those on the console are less than I care to recognize...

    As a note, not all people using TG in their name are with Tactical Gamer, there are other groups out there...




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