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  • Xbox ONE 1 year later....

    Major Nelson has some good info about the Xbox ONE's first year... PS4 is still leading in sales, and in general is reported to be the better, more powerful next-gen console... but a recent price drop and the mandatory Kinetc drop may give the ONE a much needed shot... or not.

    Hundreds of New Features Delivered in Xbox One’s First Year - Xbox Live's Major Nelson

    My experience, I remember when it was first announced, I even had the day 1 system pre-ordered... after M$ disrespected gamers at and following that E3 reveal, I cancelled the pre-order... Microsoft IMO really dropped the ball leading up to the release on the ONE.

    So the Xbox ONE is released, I, like most don't care at the time, but eventually I started to want one... 6 months later, right after they started selling Xbox One's without the Kinetc, I ordered one... got it, got my 2 favorite games for the console, Battlefield 4, which I already had for PC, and Forza Motorsports, it was cool but not great... no proper wheel support for the ONE really killed FM5 for me...and still waiting for that to be addressed. I also realized how much the Kinetc was needed and pretty cool with the voice commands and all, so went out and bought one even after all my bitchin about it.

    Well it never really worked right, and still don't... it turns off and on on it's own so it's a gamble if it was going to work. I wanted it more for the voice commands and TV controls. I had it all hooked up on my living room big screen, but since the Kinetc was so unreliable my wife asked me to get rid of it because she didn't understand how to control it, or what to do when it didn't work... she just wanted to watch TV... so instead of making it easier, it was a pain. I have now since disconnected the Kinetc, it's in the closet and moved my Xbox ONE to my Desktop computer TV, switching between both as needed.

    I'm still disappointed in the games, waiting for something from M#... maybe a remake of the GoW series or something... I have BF4 and now CoD Advance Warfare for the MP, (which has always been easier with console compared to PC.) Also have FM5 and FH2... both without wheel support still. Most everything else also comes out on PC, so since I have such a powerful PC and it's all hooked to the same HDTV, I go with PC before ONE... so more games and features need to come to the Xbox ONE IMO.

    Also, I know it's not really important but the great resolution debate... the Xbox 360, most games were 720 or 900 p... so true NEXT GEN would and should be 1080p PERIOD. sure it may not really matter to the eye, but how can you call a console next gen without increasing resolution and framerate... again IMO.

    The Xbox ONE has had a lot of improvements and updates... but it's still not what I expected a Next Gen console to be...

    What I really would like to see is:

    1) An improved UI, the current is pretty confusing and ugly compared to the 360.

    2) Better resolutions and framerates.

    3) A less confusing friends list and chat, party, and game join mode... it's so hard to fiend and join a friend in a party or in a game, confusing interface.

    4) Love the ability to capture footage of gameplay, but why not a screenshot capture ability.

    5) And finally more games, and proper wheel support.

    ALL IMO... so what's yours on the one year anniversary of the Xbox ONE?

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    Re: Xbox ONE 1 year later....

    1. Totally agree. While I think it functions slightly better on the One than the 360, the metro interface has no business being on a game console. It's clumsy, illogical and slow. The simplicity and speed of the PS3's XMB puts it to shame. Too much content is hidden behind tiles and menus, and while the new pins system sort of helps to alleviate that, when I do have to search for an app or feature I don't normally use it is always more hassle than what it's worth. I'm starting to find it easiest to use the Kinect to bing the feature I'm looking for.

    2. This x1000. At the very least I was hoping a 60 fps standard could be set this generation. But judging by what I've heard about some games they have trouble making 30 in some instances. We shouldn't have to deal w frame rate chug at this point.

    3. I'm new to the One and I still haven't quite figured out how this works. Why did they change what worked on the 360? Why on earth is such a basic functionality such a pain? You can tell Microsoft seriously misjudged how people actually use their product.

    4. I'd also add that capture shouldn't be limited to 5 minutes. If you have a big enough external disc you should be able to capture indefinitely.

    5. I'm kind of shocked at how few games there are for the new gen a year into the cycle on both platforms. PS4 is actually a little worse since I wouldn't count remasters of previous gen games as "new".

    I have very limited experience w my system so far but I'm very happy with it. Contrary to your experience my wife and I both love the way Kinect interfaces with the rest of our home theater. We're running everything through the Xbox now and couldn't be happier.
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