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Games on XB1 you play Winter 2014

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  • Games on XB1 you play Winter 2014

    With tomorrows release of 3 huge titles, I thought it a good idea to post what and when we mostly play on the Xbox ONE... this probably should of been included in the gamer tag thread... but anyway:

    I work the night shift, in a 2 week schedule... so most of my gaming is done in the afternoon, Eastern USA, with a lite week of only working wed and thurs nights, and a long week all the others. So on my nights off I can usually play in the evening. If you have me on your friends list, Magnum9846, and see me playing feel free to either join in or message me with a gaming idea.

    I play in order of my popularity:

    Battlefield 4
    Call of Duty: Advance Warfare

    Madden 14
    The Golf Club

    Forza Horizon 2
    Forza Motorsports

    (and now the reason for this post, tomorrow they come out)

    Dragon Age Inquisition.... it has a pretty good 4 player co-op mode, so I'm looking to party up for some co-op mission raids.

    Far Cry 4... has a friend drop in and out co-op mode... so you see me playing, feel free to drop in, help out, then leave whenever.

    GTAV... has MP which kinda sucked on the 360 but more crime/robbery co-op missions coming soon, which I might like.

    That said, add me to your friends list if you MG and might want to co-op with me, Magnum9846... all I ask is that if you do you use the damn mic M$ gave you, co-op sucks without talking/planning/executing. ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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