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Far Cry 4's new DLC...

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  • Far Cry 4's new DLC...

    I've been addicted to Far Cry 4's gameplay for a few weeks now... to the point I've stopped doing the campaign missions to explore and do all the excellent side missions... not a perfect game of course, but a lot of fun... A LOT.

    Been waiting for friends to get in and on it and join for some 2 player co-op... which is pretty awesome, taking on a camp or fortress with a friend is great.

    and speaking of co-op, a new download released today has you (alone if you want but I hear it's nearly impossible alone), but best with a friend... where you have to escape within 30 mins... you add time by doing small side missions, and the more side missions you do the more defense items you have while your waiting for extraction... and it's perma-death, you die you start over... a fun, hardcore challenge.

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