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F' the Police... GTAV Heist crew call out...

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  • F' the Police... GTAV Heist crew call out...

    Bet you never thought I'd post that title, lol... trust me I know the difference between reality and gaming, after being a cop for almost 30 yrs now, I'm looking forward to being on the wrong side of the law...virtually.

    The GTA V Heist add-on comes out tomorrow (the 10th), now I've only played the SP part of the campaign, going to check out the MP today... but I am looking forward to the new 4 player heist mode. One thing I did learn is that the LEADER has to be a level 12 and have a upscale apartment for planning... check out this article for the details:

    Newswire | Rockstar Games

    So, if you play GTA V MP on XB1, and plan on playing the 4 player co-op heist missions... count me in and lets get a crew going. We need a leader with the requirements filled first, then be sure I'm added to your friends list and crew list, Magnum9846 via XBL via XB1.

    Thx. oh and as a good criminal, I will stab you in the back to further my own or to save my ass. ;)
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    Re: F' the Police... GTAV Heist crew call out...

    I can't wait for this to be released on PC.

    Looks like we'll be on opposing side there Magnum... :p
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