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    Microsoft Fixing Xbox 360's For Free
    Posted by Rainier on Thursday, September 21 @ 20:00:16 PDT

    If you bought an Xbox 360 at launch or shortly thereafter, and it has recently died, you are in luck. Microsoft finally acknowledges that their units manufactured in 2005 have a higher failure rate than one's bought after January 1st, 2006. Microsoft is now fixing them for free, or if it can not be addressed within 2 days, sends you a replacement, with no extra charge. If you have the 3 rings of death, your systems predate 2006, then call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

    Lucky for me, they were all out the first 6 months I tried to get one.
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    Re: MS fixing for free...

    This is exactly why I wait for Gen 2 or 3 releases before I grab a new console: you miss the whole "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE ONE NOW!" rush, and you tend to get hardware that wasn't speed-built by a guy who knows nothing about the hardware and makes $3.00 an hour. Sure, he's still building them after the fact, but he's not pressured to finish 500,000 units to make the release date.




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