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Oh Man, my new favorite game...

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  • Oh Man, my new favorite game...

    I've been seeing news about Forza MotorSport 2 for the Xbox 360 and it was looking SWEET! (coming out first of the year)...

    So then a friend told me about the first one, Forza Motorsport, and how with the new update it can be played on the 360... so after reaching it and finding incredible scores on the game I picked it up used at EB for 6 bucks.

    My god what an incredible game/ dang motorsport game I've ever played and on a console!

    I am definitely getting number 2, and getting a wheel for my 360 now.
    Heck, the carbon demo sucked so much, I think I'll by-pass that one now (released tomorrow.)

    I don't know how it's played online since XBL don't seem to track it, it has XBL support, but no progress or achievement tracking, but if anyone still plays this old Xbox game, look me up for some racing, Magnum9846.
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    Re: Oh Man, my new favorite game...

    Why pay $60+XBL for an ok game when you can get a much better game for only $9 and play with us at TGRL for free? ;)

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