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how to hook the 360 to a PC monitor?

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  • how to hook the 360 to a PC monitor?

    I've been getting into alot more multiplayer action on the 360,

    (since you bastards stopped playing real men games like SWAT4, AA, and GRAW on the PC for BF2 and BF2142... posted in jest.)

    But the problem is... my wife watches TV in the evening, thats when I usually PC game, so I was wondering, how do you guys hook up your 360's with a PC monitor and what settings do you have to have the Xbox 360 set to?

    On my Dell 21 inch monitor I have a DVI input (that the computer is hooked to), a S video, and a yellow component input... I also have a spare left and right (red and white) component input on my Bose computer speakers for sound... Any ideas?

    Guess I would have to buy a non-hi def set for the 360, then just switch back and forth as needed, (or maybe get another 360 if Amazon sells them for 100 bucks like rumored, lol.)
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    Re: how to hook the 360 to a PC monitor?

    There are VGA kits for the 360.

    Here's the standard with RCA audio.
    This version will do digital optical audio as well.


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      Re: how to hook the 360 to a PC monitor?

      Yup. I would also check ebay and yahoo shopping , you might find something that is even cheaper.
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        Re: how to hook the 360 to a PC monitor?

        The standard Microsoft VGA cable for the 360 has both the RCA and Digital optical audio connections. It's $40 at almost every place that sells 360 and accessories.

        I've have the same problem with the wife and for my original xbox I purchased a converter to take component inputs and convert them to VGA. But with the 360 it's really easy. You just need to config your resolution and if your monitor is 4:3 or 16:9.

        You can also plug you USB keyboard into the 360. I've got a USB KVM so I just plugged the 360 into that and I don't have to deal with using the controller to type in text.




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