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Using tactics in console games too...

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  • Using tactics in console games too...

    I'd like to remind everyone that plays console games, especially the shooters like GoW, GRAW, and the R6 series for example, that just because it's a console game doesn't mean you can't use real world tactics, teamwork, and strategies to get the most out of your online game play.

    Whether entering and clearing a room as a team in the latest R6 game, or whether your using bounding overwatch in a hostile environment in Gears of War... if you, along with your teammates use more realistic type tactics and work as a team, you'll enjoy the game experience much more.

    I like to re-invite you to the below article, if you haven't read it... or interested in proper tactics and teamwork, we have a pretty good following here at TG, (had a number of us get together this past Saturday afternoon for some online play), for a number of tactical shooters on the console, this article might help you out a little, or not.
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    Re: Using tactics in console games too...

    I use the phrase, "give me cover fire, I'm moving up towards the next barricade" in GoW non-stop. Tactics aren't a luxury on Insane difficulty, they are a requirement.


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      Re: Using tactics in console games too...

      Yeah, tactics are great, but what about RAAM? Tactics? Yeah, right, the dude can't even fight his own battles! He either has to walk up when their back is turned, or use Kryll to kill you (When you fight him). I don't get how a cowardly little punk like that could comand the locust. (Yes, I just fought him a half-dozen times, and guess what? Died from the Kryll everytime. Sad, really, he can't go mano-a-mano).
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