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Halo 2 Players - Please post your tag

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  • Halo 2 Players - Please post your tag

    I primiarlly play Halo 2 on Xbox Live so I thought I would start a Halo 2 tag thread for those players who want to form a Halo 2 TG group. I know we are not a "clan" here at TG but we could certainly form one for Halo 2. I know we have another thread for tags but this is Halo 2 exclusive for those players that have the game.

    I also play alot of Battlefield (2,PoE,2142,Counterstrike) but also enjoy playing my Xbox as sometimes is less of a hassle than dealing with my PC.

    I think our style of TG gameplay fits in well with Halo as it takes team coordination to win, alot of which is lacking when I play. As a group we would do well with capture the flag and other modes.

    Please post your tag and what time zones you live and when your available to play.



    West Coast, anytime after 5pm and anytime on weekends.
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    Re: Halo 2 Players - Please post your tag

    I haven't really played halo2 in over a year, but then I heard about them releasing new maps this coming spring. I'll be getting back into halo2 once the new maps come out.

    tag: undead77


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      Re: Halo 2 Players - Please post your tag

      Man, I would love to get in on this, but after a solid month of GoW: it's hard. I loaded up Halo 2 last night when my Internet went down and felt like I was running through water. I just find it too excruciating to play now.




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