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fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

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  • fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

    Thought this pretty cool, all the images are default Xbox 360, when you mouse over the images they turn to a PS3 image... you can clearly see the differences between the different games.

    Nice little article/comparison from GameSpot.
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    Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

    The difference is really noticable in Marvel: UA and Fight Night. The skin of the boxers in the PS3 version looks "leathery" at times and fake on the white boxer.

    The HDR in Tony hawk is just screwy on the PS3. When was the last time you were working in your garage, looked outside, and saw nothing but blurry whiteness?

    I could be biased, but it seems like the main issue is atmosphere. The devs for the PS3 games seem to have made it dark and washed out when it should be vibrant, and vice versa. The lighting effects on the 360 games really help the atmosphere.

    This could be a symptome of the devs having less time to polish their games though. While this isn't a direct slant against the PS3 or Sony, a system is only as good as it's games. I'll wait till the next gen of Sony games come out till I care about a "true" comparison. Oh wait, I won't because the PS3 could cure cancer and I still wouldn't buy it.


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      Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing.:)

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        Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...
        Scroll down to "Features" and look for
        "Xbox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii Comparison" you can watch it in normal or HD video.

        The PS3 version looks a little too bright In my opinion. I think the 360 version looks best.


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          Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

          it was a nice article....though i agree with the concensus here. why pay 200$ more dollars for the same graphics and games......most really good games hit all the consoles anymore so i cant justify the price to myself.


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            Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

            I got my first impressoin of the PS3 at Circuit City.

            Looked at a motor cross like tour game:
            Same stuff just better graphics.

            Sure the gameplay is improved, but way too much eye candy and not enough physics in games.

            How cool would it be to have a on-line game with 32 bit graphics and awsome gameplay and replay value (think GTA).

            Sadly eye candy sales games. So true for the first generation.
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              Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

              Sony exec: nobody will ever tap full power of PS3
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                Re: fantastic 360 vs PS3 comparing screens...

                Judging the graphic capability of a console based on ports is worthless. Look toward the devs that build games specifically for each system to see what these beasts can really do.




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