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WOW, SPOILER... the Tower mission...

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  • WOW, SPOILER... the Tower mission...

    WOW, after days of trying to get through the kitchen, out the door, and hack the info from the van, and dieing repeatedly, I was about to give up...

    Glad I didn't, finished that part of the story (new achievement unlock, lol, man I love those achievement trackings, really make you feel like you did something)...

    Anyway, started the new mission where you land on the tower roof, overlooking Vegas in all it's glory, and building burning and blowing up... SWEET!

    Then you and your team hooking up, inverting and repelling down the side of the building, then breaching in through the window to the massive firefight, my god thats good game play.

    I can't wait for some us us to get together for that mission on co-op MP, and I hope the PC version (due out next week), looks just as good, and plays just as well... incredible stuff.

    Back to the tower... c ya.
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    Re: WOW, SPOILER... the Tower mission...

    Heh I just got to that tower myself... that last mission was a meat grinder and I was the beef!




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