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  • First Look: Star Trek Legacy

    I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minumum.

    To pre-face, I've always liked Star Trek (as opposed to loving Star Wars), but I've always been bored by the same lame gimmicks the writers pull episode after episode. To put this in better perspective, I've been playing Star Wars games since I can remember, starting with the Atari version of ESB (you remember, you fly around and took out AT-ATs), then moved onto Super Star Wars for SNES, then finishing it out with games like Tie Fighter (old school), the Jedi Knight series, and KOTOR 1 and 2. So, even though Lucasarts releases a lot of crap, I'm such a whore to the Star Wars establishment that LA could slap the word "Jedi" on anything and I'd buy it.

    What does this have to do with Star Trek even though they differ greatly when you look at them? Pretty much nothing except this is probably the first Star Trek game I've ever owned (I may have bought one in the past, but since I can't remember it obviously wasn't a big deal to me).

    Star Trek Legacy offered me the one thing I always felt was lacking in Star Trek (and what turned me on to DS9): large scale fleet battles. I'm sorry, I don't care about beaming down away teams and discovering a new form of humanoid race with face paint. I want to blow stuff up. And I want cool looking ships to do it with.

    For those that don't know (or care): Star Trek Legacy follows the exploits of all 3 major Captains of the Enterprise (along with cameos from Sisko and Janeway). You start with the early Federation with Captain Archer, move onto Kirk era Star Trek (being able to pilot both the original Enterprise and the Constitution refit), then moving onto TNG which actually starts you off with Picard being the acting Captain of the StarGazer. You then get the Galaxy class Enterprise, which is updated a bit later to the Sovereign class.

    All three storylines are tied together with one long plot-line, so you don't feel disconnected when you jump to another era. And since they hired the actual actors to do their voices, it adds a bit to the immersion factor.

    Graphics: This is really the game's strong point. Very detailed ships and "Note-worthy" objects. There are a couple of issues, likes the planetary debris looking like pizza. I also don't like how the debris doesn't rotates, it just... moves. Anyways, it seems like certain things could have used more polishing, but the main aspects were very well done.

    Gameplay: pretty good. Not all mission are just "Blow everything up." Sometimes you have to run escorts, search for something, or sneak behind enemy lines. There are some damn annoying missions, but that's any game.

    I did find the how useless the "lighter" classes of ships are annoying. Some of them have more photon launchers, but the difficulty of establishing a lock long enough to fire more than 4 makes them that much harder to use effectively. I'm sure their strengths become more apparent in MP.

    Controls: This is were things get kind of annoying. There's nothing I would classify as game-destroying though. The controls are simple and well laid out. Commanding your entire fleet (well, there's only 4 ships in your fleet at any time) or breaking it off into smaller groups is fairly easy. There are issues with giving commands. Sometimes they wont take. Other times your waypoint is WAY off for where you set it. Also, the AI has a hard time dealing with the 3D space (the Map is only 2D). It's little stuff, but it serves to pull me out of the game.

    Also lacking is an escort option, which makes (you guessed it) escort missions harder because you have to micro-manage everything. It's easier to second time through if you just remember where the enemies are.

    The AI is kind of dumb though. When you put them in an area and leave them to attack enemies, they'll kill one, then sometimes select a second target that's very far away. So, your battleship is taking heavy hits while it chases after a target too far away. Once again: you have to micromanage.

    Also, getting attacked IMMEDIATELY cancels any order the AI had and he moves to engage that enemy. This is ESPECIALLY annoying when I'm trying yo get a ship to dock for repairs during a battle because I have to keep the ship selected (actually IN COMMAND of the ship) the whole time it's going through to docking process, this costs me around 10 seconds and in a big fight that's a looong time.

    Multiplayer: although it says it on the box STL is not 2 player on the same 360. This GREATLY pissed me off. All MP is done online or with AI in skirmishes. It's fun for a diversion, but it's not something I'd bother playing enough to unlock all the achievements. I was really hoping that my girlfriend and I could do skirmishes together for fun. Nope....

    All in all, Star Trek Legacy is a good game. It's not ground-breaking, but it doesn't suck either. I could find myself playing this game for a while to unlock all the SP achievements because it's enjoyable even the second time through. Like I said, the bugs are annoying, not game destroying. But, they could have done a lot more if they hadn't been curtailed by a concrete release date.

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    Re: First Look: Star Trek Legacy

    Hey thanks for the review! I have heard both opinions to be sure, but it was nice to read this one. I was considering buying this title, but with Battle stations midway coming, I may put it on hold.Of course I need to get my 360 to, and from repair center yet!!! Errrr..

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      Re: First Look: Star Trek Legacy

      Ok, so I've finally found a glitch that could be labeled "Game Destroying."

      Last night, as I attempted to unlock one of three remaining (SP) achievements for the game, I used my Oberth (scout class ship) to attempt to tractor a turret to defend a sensor relay. It was about that time that my ships speed went from 200 MMS to -20042352346 (or something to that effect). The ship also happened to disappear off the map completely, leaving me a man down.

      Federation technology, "amirite guys?"

      On top of that, my phasers then decided they would no longer fire. So, I got to watch in slow-mo as an asteroid demolished one of my sensor relays, thus killing my chance at the achievement.

      Upon re-reading this, it really sounds like a crappy Voyager script. Maybe some moldy cheese got the warp core sick.


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        Re: First Look: Star Trek Legacy

        Oh my god this game sucks.

        Im so glad i paid for it in dollars and not pounds.

        You cant adjust your controls. It doesnt like working in SLi mode.

        You cant save at a specific point and micromanagement sucks.

        If you like Star Trek go for the armada games they are much more effective.

        Its only saving grace is Cloaking which does look nice.
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