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Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones for X360

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  • Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones for X360

    I picked up a Turtle Beach wireless headset for the X360 last night at BestBuy for $100 and I thought I’d post a few comments. You can easily find more detailed reviews online and would suggest you do what I didn’t do and read more than one review before purchasing this headset. Let me start with the positive aspects of this product:
    -The Turtle Beach headsets allow you to hear both in-game sounds and XLive Chat on your earphones. Official X360 headsets let’s you hear chat but no in-game sound.
    -Turtle Beach also has a wired headset that is about $50 cheaper, but if you have wireless controllers, the wireless headset is the best alternative since a wired headset would negate the benefits of a wireless controller. The wired headset is reportedly better in terms of sound quality.
    -As expected the headset is comfortable and sound quality is good as far as I could tell.
    -The wireless Turtle Beach headset can be used for other devices besides the X360. It’s handy if you want to hear sounds wirelessly while you watch a movie through your DVD player, VCR, or listen to music from your stereo when it’s supposed to be quite time in your home or neighborhood.

    Negative comments:
    -The wireless headset is powered by 2 AAA batteries and doesn’t include a battery charger. (est. life of the battery is 40 hours)
    -The volume control is on your ear cup and isn’t easy to adjust while you have it on. I almost blew my ear drum by barely adjusting the small volume wheel to a higher volume. I knew I was in trouble when the instructions suggested that I adjust the in-game volume controls instead of the headset volume control.
    -Expensive at a little over $100 each.

    Overall, I’m excited that I could play X360 as loud as I want without having to hear my wife complain about the X360 being too loud late at night. I like the fact that it’s wireless and can’t honestly say that I noticed any difference in sound quality. What I didn’t like was the price, the volume control function, and the battery issue. Hope this is helpful to anyone that was contemplating something like this.

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    Re: Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones for X360

    if want info about headphones i would go here or here
    they say stay away from 5.1 urround headphones and just get a good stereo like the a500/a900 or BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO(80ohms) alot of the pro use the sens 555hd and 600s idk why tho.. the bass blows on them

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      Re: Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones for X360

      I have these headphones, and for me they have been a godsend. Like you I had to keep it turned down at night. For me on account of the kids. With these I can crank it right up, and to be honest, I am hearing tons of in-game sound I have never heard before. My gripes are the same as yours. It is difficult to find a balance between in-game sound, and voice, but that's OK. The battery life is fact I have yet to replace the batteries, and I have been using them a ton...well not lately on account of my 360 repair job which has been drraaagggiinnnggg on.

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        Re: Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones for X360

        My brother has been using these, and they sound great, not wireless though.




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