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  • First Look: Crackdown

    If you've played the demo, you aren't in for a big shock. Most locations (I won't say all, because I'm not 100% sure) of orbs, badguys, etc are in the same spot. The only notable difference is skill progression (MUCH slower past level 1) and the ability to invite a friend into your game.


    Graphics: I've said this before numerous times, it takes a good team to pull off good Cel shading. This was obviously one of those teams. Unlike Zelda: Windwaker, the Cel shading isn't slapping you in the face (which, mind you, was NOT a bad thing with WW. In fact, it showed just what you can do with Cel shading). Otherwise, the city is beautiful to look at and the engine does a very good job at showing perspective. When you are a thousand feet in the air, you feel like you actually are.

    The explosions and related effects are clean. In fact, this game looks very polished.

    Gameplay: It's your basic "hunt down the bad guys in any order you want." There's no real mission list or linear progression. When you get close enough to another gang leader, it brings up a dossier for you to look at. I find this annoying as it usually happens in the middle of combat or precision jumping.

    You can find supply depots scattered around the maps that you take over for reloading ammo and teleporting around the map.

    Skill progression is a big part of the game. As you increase your skills (driving, strength, agility, firearms, demolitions) you can start doing some pretty crazy stuff like control your car in mid-air, pick-up entire 18-wheelers, jump 30 feet in the air, nail a guy with a pistol from 500 yards out, and make a grenade have a 50 foot blast radius.

    The civilians are kind of an afterthought as all they do is run around screaming. Also, you are unable to enter any buildings.

    Control: Has it's strong points and it's weakpoints. I'll split this up:

    Combat: For your trusty pistol/rifle, you can choose to fire by aiming manually or use the nifty auto-lock-on feature. The only issue I've found with the lock-on is that it's prone to re-lock onto character you've already killed. Other than that, the controls do exactly what you need them to when trying to kill 50 gang members.

    Unarmed combat: not much to say. You've basically got a flying kick, a ground kick, and a curb stomp. There's no real variety or skill to this. You get close and just hit the guy. It does have a tendency to miss a lot if you aren't lined up right though, so you may be doing some ballerina work as you fly around your opponents.

    Driving: pretty standard. You've got your basic controls and a handbrake. I find there's not as much "cruising" in Crackdown as opposed to GTA, so the radio stations aren't a big deal. The nice thing is Agency cars upgrading themselves as you increase your driving skill.

    Other: I've had issue with some of the "action scripts." Sometimes your guys will just NOT want to enter a vehicle. And "Grab spots" on buildings don't always register. This was a BIG deal when I tried last night to scale the Agency building. I would literally get a few feet from the top and miss a ledge grab. But my buddy Chris actually DID manage to grab the achievement.

    All-in-all Crackdown is a decent game. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but it does offer the one thing all these games (GTA, Saint's Row, etc) have been missing: True Co-op. If it didn't have co-op, I probably wouldn't have bothered with it because I'm kind of done with the genre after GTA: San Andreas (and no, I don't care about the Halo3 beta), but it CAN stand on the solo missions. I just love co-op.

    This game so far seems to be "Action only." There's none of the annoying missions like in GTA. I haven't noticed any time-limits either. So, if you're looking for a mindless "blow-em-up" with the ability to go "Spiderman:" Crackdown might be the game for you.

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    Re: First Look: Crackdown

    Nice review round up, the co-op offers so much more to do. Just crazy stuff. I'm loving the heat seeking rocket, that thing is crazy.




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