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GRAW2 on 360 1st Impressions...

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  • GRAW2 on 360 1st Impressions...

    one word...SWEET!

    Especially on a 1080p 50 inch DLP, with 700 watt 5.1 surround sound. ;)

    Gameplay is pretty much the exact same thing as GRAW1... I never finished the campaign in GRAW1 due to my teammates being such idiots...but I'm glad to report that within 2 hours of the GRAW2 campaign, i haven't lost one man..besides me of course, lol.

    In the campaign..the man the mini gun mission is INCREDIBLE...

    So far so good, same as GRAW1 but better...

    As for MP...I tried a open game, team vs team, we won, 11 killed for me, came in 4th out of 8 for stats... no teamwork what so ever...not once did anyone communicate over there headset except to complaint or cheer themselves...disgusting. (Thats why I only play with members from TG and SimHQ, but had to try a open one.)

    New feature, and I hope it catches on and all future 360 games do it... make your own clan... pick your name, motto, web site, and phase of the day, along with default uniforms and customized patches...sweet..

    Then in MP, you can set up a "only clan" server.

    General mood...if you love and play GRAW1, if you find GRAW2 on sale somewhere (current 60 bucks which is ridiculous), get it. ;)

    Hope the PC version is just as good/fun.
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    Re: GRAW2 on 360 1st Impressions...

    gamefly is shipping it to me today should have it tuesday my gamertag is Metsfann
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