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  • FM2 web site and stuff...

    Just FYI, for those that don't or didn't know...

    FM2 comes out today in the US of A... thats a rhyme, lol

    This is the official web site and if you sign in with your XBL account you can upload your screens from the Xbox to the site, then download them for your own use, just like PGR3 does... but you can also trade/swap custom cars and paint jobs and stuff like the site for more info...

    Ships today, will be picking it up tomorrow.
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    Re: FM2 web site and stuff...

    Ugh, I staid up waaay too late playing this last night. Awesome racing sim. Not sure I would like it nearly as much without the racing wheel though. I was amazed at how they actually made the cars feel heavier/lighter through the tension in the wheel. The MS Wheel support seems to be vastly improved over the demo.

    One question about using the Racing Wheel, I can't seem to use the regular controller for things like taking pictures, spinning around in replay mode or manipulating the paint/decal editor. Is there something I'm missing?


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      Re: FM2 web site and stuff...

      Unfortunately there isn't a way you can use the wheel and controller at the same time. If you want to use the controller, the easiest way is to unplug the wheel from it's power (just tug the cable out the back of it, instead of going to the wall plug), and then sync your controller when the 360 asks you to reconnect your controller.

      It's a pain, and is currently the subject of much wailing and whining at the forums.

      I don't have this game yet, but damn do I want it! My racing wheel is all ready to go!




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