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Microsoft extends hardware warranty

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  • Microsoft extends hardware warranty

    Microsoft announced that they are extending the 1-year warranty on the XBox 360 to 3-years. They are also reimbursing customers that have paid for repairs as a result of the trio of red warning lights branded 'the red ring of death'.

    I have not been affected by the red ring of death yet, but it is reassuring to know that other owners frustrations with it didn't fall on deaf ears and something came from it.

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    Re: Microsoft extends hardware warranty

    As I understand it, the new warranty covers the console for 3 years ONLY for problems resulting in the infamous 3 Red Rings Of Death. If your DVD drive fails, scratches discs, or some other hardware failure occurs it's still just covered by the 1-year warranty. I've seen a few posts on forums from people on their 3rd or 4th unit that say none of the failures have been the RROD. They would seem to be in a small minority, though. So basically the 360 now has a 1-year "bumper to bumper" warranty, and a 3-year "powertrain" warranty that covers the RROD. Amazing when you think that it originally only had a 90-day warranty.

    This is very good news, even though I have the Best Buy product replacement plan that's still good for another year on my replacement 360. Now, it's covered until 2010.

    I'm thinking they must have a fix they feel pretty confident about to announce the longer warranty. True, Sony looks like they're about to drop the PS3 by $100 and MS has been catching lots of PR flak for the reliability problems, but I can't see them making such a big move if they thought they'd still be shipping units that were likely to fail.

    I did notice the other day in Best Buy that they had ZERO 360's on the shelf, when they usually have several. That also would seem to point to a possible "new and improved" version coming soon. This would be good news for the people buying now - not only is the unit covered for 3 years, but it might be less likely to fail to start with. This also would be good news to those of us who have a unit - we not only have much longer coverage on the one we have now, but if it does fail we should get a problem-free unit as a replacement, not another "time bomb".

    While the ideal thing would've been not to have the problems to start with, I have to give MS credit for stepping up and doing the right thing after the fact. A bit late and probably the only smart move they could make at this point, but still nice to see.
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